Have you ever heard of mountain theme parks in Austria? They are unique facilities intended mainly for families with kids, which combine fun and beautiful nature.

Austria is a country in the heart of Europe, whose territory is largely mountainous. Even though the Austrian Alps are attractive to tourists, families with children are no longer attracted to high-altitude tourism, and that is bad. That’s why they decided to change this old opinion here. Gradually, mountain theme parks in Austria began to emerge here.

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What do such mountain theme parks in Austria look like?

If you don’t know about it, you won’t even notice it. You have to follow him high into the mountains. But don’t worry, you won’t break a sweat and torture your kids with a long mountain climb. All you have to do is find the lower station of the right cable car and let yourself be taken up, while you enjoy the wonderful views of the surroundings.

Cable car

A surprise will await you at the top, which your children will be excited about. Just don’t expect any roller coasters or extreme attractions. You can usually find playgrounds, water playgrounds, trampolines, moving models, live animals, interactive museums, or cinemas here. Not only children but also adults will have fun here. Let’s introduce them to some of these mountain theme parks in Austria.

Triassic Park

Set off with your descendants on a journey back in time to prehistoric times. The Triassic Park below the Steinplatte summit in Waidring is a magical land of endless discovery, where the whole family can experience a great prehistoric adventure. On hot days during the summer holidays, you can cool off pleasantly on the water playground by the Triassic beach.

When you get off the cable car, head first to the museum and learning center complex. It has an area of 400 m2 and together with the children, you can view wonderful dinosaur fossils and countless other exhibits in its spaces with many interactive educational panels. Armed with theoretical knowledge, they set off on the four-kilometer educational Triassic trail, around which the largest fossils found on Steinplatte are laid out and life-size dinosaur models stand between them. The barrier-free path is suitable for prams and wheelchair users. Part of Triassic Park is a mountain adventure playground with climbing frames, giant sandpits, and other attractions. In the summer months, you will appreciate the Trias beach with a 30 m long slide and a pond for cooling off.

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Summer Fun Park Fiss

At 1,812 meters above sea level above the town of Fiss in West Tyrol, you’ll find plenty of family fun. Jumping, frolicking, playing? There is more than enough to do in the Fiss summer fun park! Lots of attractions and a large sandpit in the middle for building castles or a mini zoo. There is also a water playground.

And not only the little ones will have fun here, older children and adults are also thought of here! How about lying on your stomach floating 47 meters above the ground and whizzing through the air at full speed just like in the movie Superman: Fisser Flieger attraction! And what about the adrenolin swing Skyswing, pontoon or bobsleigh? Fun is simply guaranteed at these attractions.

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Ellmi’s magical world in Ellmau

The magical world of Ellmi the Frog (Ellmi’s Zauberwelt) can be found at the top of the Hartkaiser in Ellmau, where the ultra-modern Hartkaiserbahn cable car will take you in a few minutes. Every summer, elves, goblins, and multitudes of other supernatural beings await little visitors here. Your children are guaranteed to have a lot of fun in the mountain adventure park with countless attractions and activities.

The adventure mountain playground on an area of over 4,000 m2 includes, among other things, a rope park, a lookout tower, an enchanted alpine hut, or a goblin ship. In the next part, there are climbing walls, a maze, a gigantic swing, trampolines, and a water playground with a variety of “wet” activities. The botanical gardens and educational trails focus on, for example, the local flora and fauna offering a bit of enlightenment.

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Experience park Zirbenpark Hochzeiger

This amusement park at an altitude of around 2,000 meters on top of the Hochzeiger in the Pitztal offers plenty of attractions and activities for the whole family.

The Zirbenpark Hochzeiger adventure park can be found at the middle station of the cable car and includes, among other things, a kilometer-long educational trail, where young and old visitors can learn all about the “Queen of the Alps”, as the Swiss pine is called. The highlight of the park (literally!) is a twelve-meter observation tower made of pine wood, from which a 16-meter-long slide descends.

Other attractions include a water playground, a 3.7-kilometer mountain trike track that winds from the upper station of the Sechszeiger cable car to the Zirbenpark, and several other interactive educational and entertainment stations focused on the theme of pine wood.

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Timoks Wilde Welt: an amusement park for the whole family

The Wildseeloder mountain above the village of Fieberbrunn is not just one of the local peaks, it is a wonderful place for guests of all ages, where the gigantic adventure playground Timoks Wilde Welt awaits here with countless attractions from a rope park in the forest, to a bobsleigh track to the first high-altitude digital trail in Europe.

Halfway from the valley to the highest peaks above Fieberbrunn, the Timoks Wilde Welt awaits visitors – a mountain experience world created (not only) for small adventurers, explorers, nature lovers, and sports enthusiasts. Here you will find a climbing zone with ropes stretched between half a dozen giant granite boulders and a forest rope park with more than three dozen obstacles. A little further on, next to the Wildalpgatterl mountain hut, there is a doe feeder. On hot summer days, you can cool off in the water playground with various “wet” activities at the reservoir below the Streuböden hut.

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Spruce Castle and Spruce Lake

High above Zell am Ziller, Rosenalm is home to a stunning tree-lined castle fit for any king or queen. The “Fichtenschloss” or Spruce Castle is made entirely of wood and has four towers that offer views of the magical surrounding scenery. This magical place is sure to inspire all visitors with lots of ideas for games and active entertainment.

Spruce Castle is the heart of a giant adventure park with a total area of 5,000 square meters on the Rosenalm high above Zell am Ziller. The ingenious construction of the castle, which could easily be the eighth wonder of the world, includes slides, a tower with a crane, climbing towers, and an 18-meter-high observation tower. The castle fortress, complete with the hut of the spruce gnomes, offers endless fun and an ideal background for all kinds of adventure games.

If you get tired of the castle, you can swim in the Fichtensee Lake with several jetties, a floating island, relaxation areas, a boat rental, and a shallow water area for the little ones. The lake can be reached by a path suitable for strollers, which leads from the upper station of the Rosenalmbahn cable car and around the Spruce Castle with the lake. Spruce Castle is quickly and easily accessible from the valley by the Rosenalmbahn cable car.

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The water kingdom of Hexenwasser

The cable car from the village of Söll will take you to the magical world of Hexenwasser, a family park with dozens of fun and educational attractions, mainly related to water, in a few minutes. Splashing here is not only allowed but even welcomed.

The Hexenwasser park, which extends around the middle station of the cable car from Söll to the top of the Hohe Salve (1829 m.), has the famous witch on a broomstick in its logo (Hexenwasser = magic or miracle-working water). The witch theme is related to the history of the area – according to ancient legends, the local women were endowed with magical powers and could cure every ailment. Their supernatural abilities were related to water, and most of the local attractions are about water.

The buzzing stone, the queen bee, the hag’s ladder, the raven’s nest, lines and charms, the blue wonder, and a whole host of other magical gadgets: the wonderful experience park on a vast meadow surrounded by mountain peaks offer not only children more than 60 imaginative entertainment and educational sites, where they can enjoy a lot of fun.

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