Mountain trips

Be prepared for the fact that such mountain trips are not for the lazy. Here and there you will find places where tourist buses or cable cars run, but you can not get to most of the beautiful mountain slopes other than on your own. But believe me: you will feel great there!

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    Swimming lakes in Austria

    Have you ever thought of trying swimming lakes in Austria? The pearl of beautiful Austrian nature are the crystal clear lakes surrounded by mountain peaks. The endless bodies of water, which glitter like the rarest diamonds in the sun, are among the most typical that the alpine landscape has to offer. To list all the Austrian lakes would be, with their number of more than 2 thousand, a superhuman feat. So let’s imagine at least the most suitable for swimming and water sports.

  • lake constance
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    Lake Constance with kids

    Lake Constance is the third largest lake in Central Europe and, due to its border with Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is an ideal place for an active holiday. There are many beautiful places to go on a trip with kids and there is a playground on every corner.

  • family friendly hotels in Austria
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    Top 12 family friendly hotels in Austria

    Are you going on a holiday to Austria with your whole family? So pay attention, because we have prepared a list of accommodation selected by us, which will take care not only of you but also of your kids. Because a quiet family holiday begins where your children are catered for, satisfied, having a good time and by no means have a chance to get bored. So Top 12 family friendly hotels in Austria where children are welcomed.