Krka National Park is one of the main tourist attractions in Croatia. Everyone wants to come and see the beautiful waterfalls. Here the question arises, is it possible to manage the Krka National Park with kids?

Krka waterfalls in Croatia – what you need to know

Krka National Park
  • The waterfalls are located in the Krka National Park (Nacionalni Park Krka),
  • The park was established in 1985
  • The most popular entrance to the park is the Lozovac entrance, but we recommend a boat trip from Skradin (description below) to visit Krka National Park with children.
  • It is best to start the tour early in the morning (from opening hours),
  • Tickets can be purchased in advance online or at the box office (online necessary during holidays because there are long queues and many people),
  • Outside of the high season, there are much fewer people here and the tickets are much cheaper, the savings are noticeable
  • The most beautiful place in the park is Skradinski Buk – it is the most beautiful waterfall,
  • The boat departs from Skradin every hour,
  • At the waterfall, there are toilets, restaurants, and souvenirs,
  • Swimming is prohibited in Krka from 2021,
  • In addition to the Skradin beech in Krka, the following are also worth visiting: the Roski waterfall, the Oziđana pećina cave, and the monastery on Lake Visovac.
  • The weather changes quickly and unexpectedly, you will be grateful for a raincoat, umbrella, and warm sweatshirt even in the warmer months.

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How to get to the national park

Not every child (and sometimes even an adult) is used to walking long distances. On our last visit, we had 6 children with us and our grandmother with poor walking. That’s why we chose the most convenient route for everyone – by boat from the town of Skadrin and then a little over 2 km long route around the waterfalls.

Boat trip Krka

We set the beginning of our expedition in the town of Skadrin. It’s a picturesque place that alone is worth a stop and a walk. And they are also ready for tourists here. It offers not only enough parking spaces for visitors to Krka but also places where you can eat well or buy some souvenirs.

Here you can buy a ticket to the Krka National Park and you can either go on your own (walk about 4 km) or comfortably by boat on the river (included in the entrance fee). It departs every full hour and the journey takes a little over 20 minutes. Even the cruise itself is an experience for some.

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Krka National Park with children

When you get off the boat, a board with a map of the entire national park is waiting for you at the information center, so you can see what is where and how to get there. Our route this time was shorter, it took us (with all the stops and a snack) less than three hours, and even the smallest participant made it all the way. The entire route can also be traversed with an all-terrain stroller, there are marked detours at the stairs.

Krka National Park suveniers

On the way from the port, we pass more large toilets, and several stalls with food and souvenirs, we immediately reach the most photographed place in the entire national park.

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Skradinski Buk waterfall

Krka National Park Skardinski buk

The most beautiful place in the entire Krka National Park is Skradinski Buk. A wooden footbridge leads in front of it, from which you can observe from all sides. There aren’t many people there in the morning, but later there is quite a crowd in front of him. Everyone wants to take a picture there. Before, you could normally swim in the water under the waterfall! From 2021, there is a complete ban on swimming in Krka.

Mills by the waterfalls in the Krka National Park

Krka National Park - mills

After enjoying the waterfall, we continued on the hiking trail. There are signs along the route, so no problem. We walked with the river and waterfalls on the left the whole time. We stopped at the lookout at the top. There were added toilets, churches, ice cream stands, and restaurants. This whole place is dominated by the old mills. It is an ancient place with an atmosphere. In the past, they used the power of the local water, but now they serve as an open-air museum.

Wooden platforms above the water

narodni park Krka chodnicky

From the mills, wooden walkways lead over the water across the river, practically above the waterfall (but you can’t see it). Along the way, there are various viewpoints worth stopping at. Or you can watch the fish swimming by from the wooden platforms. The trail is incredibly idyllic. This path then takes you back down to this most beautiful of waterfalls and to the harbor. Departures to the city are always at half past one, and quite large queues form here in the afternoon.

Is not it too little? What to see next?

Krka National Park is vast and there is much more to see! Many people end their adventure in the Krka National Park with a simple circuit, which we also chose this time due to the physically weaker members of the expedition, but if the situation allows you, continue on. At the top of the Skradinski beech waterfall near the old mills, you will find signs to the next port, which will take you further to the park in the island monastery or to the Roski waterfall and the Oziđana pećina cave (both for a fee).

Another option is to return by boat to the town of Skardin and drive to the free parking lot at another entrance to the park. You will meet far fewer people here. There will also be a ticket office here, but just show your ticket and you can continue your visit.

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Roski Waterfall and old mill

narodni park Krka roski

It takes 10 minutes to reach them on foot from the parking lot and is well-signposted. Here we can also find the port, where boats sailing from the complex end up at the Skradinski Buk waterfall.

Oziđana pećina cave

It may not be very interesting, but the road to it and the scenery from the viewpoint along the way are worth the trip. It takes 20 minutes to get there and you have to climb a lot of stairs. You can also go for a walk above the waterfalls around the river. If you go towards the cave but do not turn towards it, but keep going straight to the wooden bridge. Then turn left onto the asphalt. There, turn left again to the parking lot. Such a walk will take you 60 minutes.

Other interesting places in Krka National Park are Visovac and the Franciscan monastery on a small island. But you can only get to this place by boat.

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