Seaside vacations

Sun, sea, and beach are the best relaxation. But you can also have a lot of fun by the sea. For children, a seaside vacation means spraying in the water, building sandcastles, running on the beach, playing with a ball, and piles of cool ice cream. Let us inspire you for your next seaside vacation.

  • maldives
    Seaside vacations,  Asia

    Maldives with family

    Have you thought of visiting the Maldives with family and don’t know if it’s a good idea? Believe it is! The exotic Maldives is something for those who want to experience a real adventure. It is worth visiting them, because it is not known if they will soon disappear from the world maps.

  • family hotels in mallorca
    Seaside vacations,  Europe

    TOP family hotels in Mallorca

    We bring you tips on the best family hotels in Mallorca. This Spanish island is among the most popular holiday destinations not only for Europeans. Families with kids especially liked Mallorca. And no wonder, the island really has a lot to offer. It has nice weather for the whole six months of the year. From May to October, it is perfect for a relaxing and sightseeing holiday.

  • Best hotels in Mauritius for families
    Seaside vacations,  Africa

    Best hotels in Mauritius for families

    Often referred to as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius lies approximately 2,000 km southeast of the African coast and about 900 km east of Madagascar. It is a safe and, thanks to good connections, an accessible destination with pleasant sea and air temperatures for a large part of the year. Mauritius is thus an ideal place to go with the family. That is why we bring you an overview of the best hotels in Mauritius for families.

  • family holidays in Tunisia
    Seaside vacations,  Africa

    The best hotels for family holiday in Tunisia

    Are you attracted by the idea of a family holiday in Tunisia? Congratulations on a great choice! Tunisian resorts offer a unique combination of tourist attractions, a pleasant warm atmosphere, wide sandy beaches, sun-warmed sea, excellent cuisine and hotel resorts where little travelers will feel like in paradise.

  • beautiful beaches of mauritius
    Seaside vacations,  Africa

    The most beautiful beaches of Mauritius

    During your first visit to the paradise island of Mauritius, you probably won’t even think about which of the local beaches is considered to be the most beautiful. They are all beautiful. Only some have something extra. An iconic mountain in the background, a vibrant atmosphere, breathtaking corals, shipwrecks, and romantic nooks. Let’s imagine some of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius.

  • greek honeymoon resorts
    Seaside vacations,  Europe

    Greek honeymoon resorts

    Join us on a journey of exploring Greek honeymoon resorts. Wedding is one of the most important milestones in human life. After you have managed all the stress of preparation, went through your big day and mastered all the essentials, it is time to celebrate the beginning of your marriage.