Cities, whether ancient or modern, always have something to offer. It's not over a weekend in the city spent exploring the history of architecture, lazy walks through city parks and botanical gardens, tasting new cuisines or just drinking coffee or wine in places where celebrities sometimes appear.

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    Things to see in Brussels with kids

    Brussels is mainly known as the capital of Belgium and the seat of NATO, and it might seem that it doesn’t have much to offer families. But that is a big mistake! And that’s why we bring you a list of the best things to see in Brussels with kids.

  • vienna
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    What to do in Vienna with kids

    It might seem that Vienna is just another capital city with museums, galleries and monuments where children will be bored. Nothing could be more wrong! We have prepared a list for you of what to do in Vienna with kids.

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    What to see in Antalya, Turkey

    Do you want to see and experience something interesting in Antalya? Are you tired of water fun and beach lounges? We will introduce you to attractive places in the area and fun activities that will make your Turkish holiday wonderful. So what to see in Antalya?

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    Salzburg city break with kids

    What about Salzburg city break with kids? Salzburg is a charming, small but large city in the western part of Austria. The old town, with an area of ​​just over a square kilometer, is a world metropolis of music festivals and art events. The little legs passing through the narrow medieval streets will not get bored. Numerous Salzburg cafés and restaurants will make your time more pleasant, and the fortress towering over the city opens up a visual gateway to the higher parts of the mountains.

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    The best European cities for families

    You long for walks around the city, exploring new places, architecture and tasting new dishes. And are you afraid that such fun would not entertain your children? So it’s not European cities that offer kids so much that they will literally be unstoppable. Below we bring inspiration to the best European cities for families in our opinion.

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    The best things to do in Rome with kids

    The Italian capital is one of the most amazing European cities. Such a concentration of monuments located in a relatively small space, which even small children’s feet can handle without any major problems, is not easy to see. If you want to show children something from history, take them to places that have spirit, atmosphere, charm. Here are the best things to do in Rome with kids.