What to do in Copenhagen with kids? And why go to this Danish city at all? This article will inspire you to visit this northern European city.

Copenhagen is a great destination to visit with children. It is not that huge with its 1.2 million inhabitants. Copenhagen is quite baby friendly. Children are not looked down upon anywhere, all buses and entrance to the metro are barrier-free. There are many attractions here that you can go to with children. And most importantly, you can communicate in English absolutely everywhere, everyone really knows this language here.

Tivoli Gardens

The most popular children’s attraction in Copenhagen is probably the unusually beautiful Tivoli Gardens park. This danish amusement park was built in 1843 and occupies 15 acres in the center of the city with its green gardens and lakes (home to dragon ships) with pagodas, roller coasters and the world’s tallest carousel called the Star Flyer.

In addition, there is also a pantomime theater, frequent concerts and plenty of places to get cotton candy. At night, the park is beautifully lit up with millions of tiny colored lights.

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Visit the Pandas at Copenhagen Zoo

panda zoo
Source: canva.com

The zoo in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, in the Frederiksberg district, was founded in 1859 and is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. More than 3000 animals live in the ZOO.

In 2013, a new Arctic Ring pavilion was opened in the garden, in this ring the visitor gets to see animals from the North Pole and the North Atlantic – birds, polar bears, which you can also see swimming in a water tunnel. And in 2019, a pavilion with rare cute Panda bears opened here.

There are also many fun corners for children. In addition to pavilions with animals, a wooden observation tower, there is also a lot of greenery and various entertainment and attractions for children.

Water world Den Bla planets

Den Bla Planet is the largest aquarium in Northern Europe. Set aside a whole day to visit it. Here you will find countless aquariums with different types of fish, an underwater tunnel or a giant aquarium with a volume of up to four million liters of water, where even sharks swim. Every day they have a program here, such as guided fish feeding. Inside you will also find a restaurant and a buffet, and outside there is a beautiful playground and the possibility to catch various small frogs, tadpoles, etc. from a small pond. When the weather is nice, you can also enjoy the sea view.

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Take a boat ride

little mermaid copenhagen
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Copenhagen is a city full of water. Go on a boat ride along the local canals with the kids. The ships are anchored in Nyhavn harbor and there are several companies that offer rides here. During about an hour’s cruise, you will see Nyhavn, the Opera House, the Royal Palace, the statue of the Little Mermaid, the Kastellet, and the Christianshavn district is especially beautiful, where Christiania is also located, a semi-independent anarchist commune on the territory of the original military barracks, which, after being abandoned by the soldiers in 1971, was occupied by hippies.

Get to know Copenhagen by bike

copenhagen bicycle
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Copenhagen is flat, so it is also a city of bicycles. Cyclists are everywhere, they ride their bikes to school, work or shopping. They have their own dedicated lane, traffic lights and drivers are considerate of them. There is no better way to get to know this city than by bike. Copenhagen is not big, so you can visit the main sights in one day. It is possible to rent a bike in one of the many rental offices or directly at the hotels. If you are traveling with slightly older children, it is possible to rent a family bike, which has a baby carriage in front for two children (ideally from the age when you can sit in it).

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National Museum of Denmark

national museum of denmark
Source: https://en.natmus.dk/

Here you will find the Children’s Museum, where children can dress up as Vikings and climb aboard a replica Viking ship, learn in a 1920s classroom or role-play using ‘granny’s cupboard treasures’. It is exciting entertainment for children under 12 years old.

Copenhagen Workers’ Museum

The Copenhagen Workers’ Museum is another museum that also has a section aimed at children. Here you can play in an apartment from the 1950s, shop in a historic general store and learn the story of Thorvald, a working-class boy who later became the prime minister of his country.

Let the kids out in the space where they can frolic

Thanks to centuries of smart city planning, Copenhagen today has a number of parks, gardens and places for children to run around. Children will love to play football on the lawns of Fælledparken (Copenhagen’s largest park), enjoy a picnic in Frederiksberg Have (the park by Frederiksberg Palace), build white sand castles on Amager Beach or admire the giant exotic trees in the Botanical Garden.

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