Prague offers many interesting places that are either directly intended for children or that the whole family can enjoy. Choosing the best things to do in Prague with kids is not easy, but we will try.

Prague ZOO

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A varied collection of animals from all over the world, unique natural scenery, and captivating views of Prague – all this can be found just seven kilometers from the center of the Czech capital in one of the most prestigious zoos in the world. On 58 hectares, you will find 14 pavilions where, among other things, Elephant Valley, Darwin’s Crater, or Velemlokarium await you… There is fun and learning for the whole family for the whole day!

PetRIn observation tower – Prague’s child of the Eiffel Tower

things to do in Prague

One of the essential landmarks of Prague was built as part of the Jubilee Exhibition in 1891 as a free copy of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (it is in a ratio of 1:5), it is 63.5 m high and at its top, which is at the same altitude as the real Eiffel Tower tower, there are 299 steps. The view from it includes not only the whole of Prague but also a view of almost the whole of Bohemia in clear weather. Not to mention the fact that there is a cable car from the city to Petřín Hill, which little children’s feet will definitely appreciate.

Nearby there is another big attraction, for which you pay a ticket to the Petřín Lookout – the Mirror Maze. You can easily get lost there, and when you find yourself, you won’t recognize yourself in the curved mirrors. And for the third of all good things: Since this summer, a unique carousel from the 18th century has been in operation on Petřín (always until the end of September), which is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Not only children but also adults can ride it. But beware, it is only in operation in the summer.

The world of jellyfish – the largest in Europe

things to do in Prague

The largest jellyfish aquarium in Europe is located on the roof of the Arkády Pankrác shopping center. More than 10,000 of these transparent animals, including the most poisonous jellyfish in the world – the Flecker’s square, can be seen in 38 spherical design aquariums in Prague’s World of Jellyfish. The interiors were designed to evoke the most intense feeling in the visitor that he is really under sea level: this is also helped by numerous 3D projections with rich audiovisual effects. Would you expect this thing far from the sea coast in the heart of Europe?

National Agricultural Museum

things to do in Prague

“So what could be interesting about an agricultural museum?” you say to yourself. But if you visit this place, you will be very surprised. In recent years, however, it has been intensively worked on, and the current form of interactive exhibits is simply amazing. There are modern, highly interactive, and entertaining exhibitions on three floors. The space still has a calm atmosphere. And the roof terrace with a view is just the icing on the cake.

On the ground floor, there is an exhibition of tractors, which also includes pedal tractors for children and a life-size cow on which you can try milking. There are still a few live animals in the backyard right next door – mainly birds and goats.

By far the best exhibition with small children is on the first floor and is dedicated to fishing. They can hook wooden fish here and put them in the puzzle on the wall. On the side wall, children could measure their size with fish. There are many similar interactive elements here. There are also live fish swimming in the aquariums, and there is also a slide for the little ones.

On the next floor is the Myslivost exhibition. Children can walk through a dark wooded forest where they will find life-size painted animals. There are also a lot of touch screens with various quizzes and games. The Agriculture section is also beautiful, where children learn how the basic foods that reach our table are created. Another exhibition is dedicated to gastronomy, where children can “cook” from a model and buy and sell goods in a store, or in a completely new section about water with a large interactive map. The whole garden on the roof and behind the museum is also great.

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The Kingdom of Railways – trains and an interactive model of Prague

things to do in Prague

Functional train models are popular not only with children in the Czech Republic. That’s why you can’t keep the wonderful, scaled-down, yet perfectly functioning world of the Kingdom of Railways. You will see hundreds of meters of tracks, dozens of model trains, models of cars that give priority at intersections, models of important buildings and places of the Czech Republic, and experience the unique atmosphere of alternating day and night. Part of the exhibition is an interactive model of Prague on a scale of 1:1,000.

Adult visitors will also be delighted and amused by the funny details from the lives of 30,000 residents of the model of a giant railroad, presented in hundreds of situations and scenes from everyday life as we see it around us. Tracks have interactive buttons to trigger actions in the model. Cut down a tree, start a circus show, listen to the sound of a steam locomotive…etc. The simulation of day and night above the railway tracks alternates in twenty-minute intervals, it gradually darkens, the street lamps and lights in the windows are switched on, and after five minutes it gradually dawns again. The modelers have gone into such detail that some street lamps shine with cold white light, others with warm yellow, and some even simulate a malfunction.

Aquapalace Ceslice

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Do you want to enjoy a day full of sports, fun, and relaxation? Visit with family, friends, or colleagues the largest water park in the Czech Republic – Aquapark Čestlice – with its amazing water world and saunas, wonderful SPA, and modern fitness. A lot of fun awaits you in the water world in three themed palaces.

The Adventure Palace will amaze you with wild adrenaline experiences: 8 toboggans up to 140 m long, 3 steep slides, and, for the most daring, the Spacebowl. And above all, the longest toboggan in the Czech Republic – the Wild River, which measures a quarter of a kilometer or 250 m.

The Palace of Treasures will delight you with its fabulous family atmosphere. Your children will surely use the many wading pools, slides, and other attractions with the popular landmark of the pirate shipwreck. In the unique pool, artificial waves crash at regular intervals. There is also a spectacular water laser show every evening.

The relaxation palace is the most peaceful place in the water world. Let your body and soul be pampered in one of the hot tubs. If you still need some movement, use the 19 m-long swimming pool. In the 8 m deep diving tube, you can try a diving dive under the guidance of experienced instructors.

There is also the Sahara Sauna World, which offers 12 types of saunas. In the SPA center, you can choose from many regeneration processes that will wake up your body from fatigue. It offers 6 whirlpools, hydrotherapy, cosmetic and massage procedures, Turkish hammam, rhassoul procedures with Moroccan clay, lava stones, and other procedures.


things to do in Prague

Majaland is a new, recently opened amusement park. Twelve attractions await children and their parents on nine thousand square meters, and more are being prepared. The moment we cross the footbridge between the attractions to the amusement park, you will get an overview of the entire complex.

Malajand is accompanied by figures of Maya the bee and their friends, viking Vik and dinosaurs. At first glance, on the one hand, you will be attracted by the 220-meter-long Viking Vika roller coaster, on the other hand, you will want to climb the ten-meter-high, double-row, hydraulically raised and tilted chain carousel with iridescent glowing butterflies as soon as possible. But in the meantime, you pass the absolutely breathtaking glittering cars of the autodrome, an alluring and pretty adrenaline-pumping dancing flower that will turn you around, and a giant trunk of a swinging tree… Where to first?

Balloon lake, Climbing tree, Maya bee playground, Autodrome, Dinosaur Carousel, Flying Frogs,… are just some of the local attractions. Your children will be literally thrilled to visit Majaland.

Do you want to discover more in Prague with your children? Download this official map of kids-friendly places, issued in several languages.

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