Málaga, or as it is correctly spelled in Spanish: Málaga, is the gateway to Andalucia. But what to do in Malaga with kids?

Like the entire Spanish coast of the Costa del Sol, Malaga is known for the amount of sun that shines here throughout the year. Specifically, the locals here enjoy more than 300 sunny days every year. If you need to replenish vitamin D and recharge your energy in the middle of winter, come to Malaga.

Plus, the city’s coastal location alone suggests plenty of tasty fresh seafood and fish will be available here. Malaga is especially famous for the tiny ones – shrimps, sprats, and sardines. Apart from that, the most malagais food, or rather a snack, is espetos de sardinas (grilled skewer with sardines).

What to do in Malaga with kids

Finally, this place is known for its culture. Málaga is the birthplace of the painter Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) and the actor Antonio Banderas (1960). You will see a statue of the former in the Plaza de la Merced, while the latter is not only a constant presence in Málaga, but is also the founder and director of the Teatro del SoHo and watches the Semana Santa parades from his apartment windows.

When is the best time to visit Malaga?

The best time to visit Málaga is… anytime. Malaga simply has its own specific microclimate, which makes the winters sunny and relatively warm. The average temperature in winter during the day is 15C or more and the temperature at night practically does not drop below 0, while inland it does. You can often wear short sleeves during the day because the temperature is even higher in the sun.

But in summer, the weather is also tolerable, as the city is cooled by the breeze from the Mediterranean Sea. However, remember that this is still southern Spain and the temperatures here are higher than here. However, not as high as deeper inside Andalucia where they reach 45C and more in the summer.

Is Malaga suitable for visiting with kids?

It definitely is! Not only Malaga but actually the whole of Spain is child-friendly. They stand out, for example, with countless protected modern and colorful playgrounds that are scattered at every turn. In addition, beautiful beaches, sunshine, and nice people who always and everywhere will welcome your children with open arms. And happy children are always a sign of a well-spent holiday.

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Castillo de Gibralfaro

Castillo de Gibralfaro

The ruins of the castle from the 14th century stand on a hill above the town and create a beautiful atmosphere. Like any castle, Castillo de Gibralfaro is built on a steep hill. You will sweat on the hike up here, but you can also drive up to the gate by car, parking is free. It is a great place from which you will have a 360-degree view of the whole of Málaga. The structure is surrounded by high walls that you can walk (and your children run) along as long as you have enough energy. The castle includes a pleasant shady park and a small museum about its history. Entry here is paid.


What to do in Malaga with kids - Alcazaba

This old palatial fortress is another icon of Malaga. The building offers lots of passages and nooks, mini-gardens, towers, vestibules, and corridors, as well as beautiful gardens full of flowers, orange trees, and walkways winding up steep slopes. Especially on hot days, because you can hide in shady places. There is also a great view of the city from the highest places. The entrance fee is paid.

Museo Aeronáutico de Málaga

Museo Aeronáutico de Málaga

Whether it’s a girl or a boy, all children love big machines and airplanes are one of them. So you can never go wrong with an aviation museum. One such place is located in Malaga right at the airport. In the well-preserved building of the first terminal of Malaga airport, you can visit the reception, and the waiting room and even look behind the scenes, for example, the manager’s office, and the observation tower. Of course, there are a large number of historical exhibits, interactive objects, and airplanes in which you can see everything, climb into them and click on everything. In addition, here you will find a viewing platform from which you can see the departures and landings of planes at Malaga Airport. This way you can make waiting for your own departure very pleasant. Admission to the museum is free, donations are welcome.

Parque de Málaga

What to do in Malaga with kids - park

All the parks in Malaga are great. Clean, green, full of fragrant flowers and bushes, kids-friendly and it’s really hard to choose from them. But we will mention at least one of them. Parque de Málaga is a beautiful coastal park that could definitely be said to be an oasis for visiting the city on hot summer days. Visitors to the park here are protected from the sun by the thick crowns of palm trees. The refreshing sea breeze and gushing water from the fountains will give you a moment of respite from the summer heat. In addition, the scent of various tropical flowers mingles in the air. Children can find refuge here in the children’s playground and, if they look around carefully, they will also spot some of the wild parrots.

Visit the beach

What to do in Malaga with kids - beach

Nothing pleases children as much as playing in the sand and splashing around in the water. Therefore, you will never miss a visit to the beach with your children. Malaga is located right next to the Mediterranean Sea and is literally surrounded by beaches. Long sandy strips of land separate the city from the sea practically along its entire length. Beaches are accessible from practically every part of the city. Although the presence of a large port may cause mixed feelings when it comes to water quality, this time it’s just a prejudice.

The common denominator of all local beaches is a very good infrastructure. There are public showers and toilets on the city beaches and you can usually go to one of the seaside restaurants for lunch. In addition, they are quite suitable for prams and the disabled – many of them are equipped with reinforced ramps.

Boat trip

What to do in Malaga with kids - boat

When little children’s legs get tired of the eternal march around the city, they always start looking for a place where they can rest for a while. How about taking it differently this time and going on a boat ride, because that’s always an experience for children. There are countless options and offers for sightseeing cruises. The easiest is probably a trip by sightseeing boat from the harbor at the famous colorful cube Center Pompidou Malaga which takes 1-1.5 hours. During the cruise, you will have a view of the city from a different perspective.

And what to do in Malaga next?

Malaga is a wonderful city full of art. You will meet him at every step. There are several art museums here. One pays tribute to his native Pablo Picasso, the other is devoted to musical instruments. And what about a wine museum or the Museo de Málaga, entry is free for visitors from the EU. But just walking around the city is enough. Along the way, you will come across historical buildings of all kinds, smell the scent of flowers and delicious food, and perhaps even come across various mysterious places.

What to do in Malaga with kids - market

For example, the daily after-hours markets at the Mercado Central de Atarazanas, although they are not suitable for children (it’s too crowded here), you can buy a lot of local goodies here, or here you can taste tapas right on the spot.

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