Amusement park Legendia is the oldest and for a long time the only amusement park in Poland. For more than 60 years of its existence, it has brought joy to young and old visitors, and not only in summer.

You can find the Legendia amusement park in the south of Poland in the town of Chorzow somewhere on the route between Katowice and Krakow. So it is relatively close to two international airports. In addition, Krakow, the second largest city in Poland, also offers a lot, and not only for kids.

Legendia itself is a place for the whole family. It extends around a water reservoir in one of the largest parks in Poland. In its immediate vicinity, you can find a Zoo, an open-air museum, or even an observatory. But the amusement park is not to be missed. It literally shines on all sides of the world. Inside Legendia, the design of the surroundings and attractions is based on classic fairy tales. Such a dancing Cinderella or Airplane will make your head spin. How about catching some basilisks?

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Legendia amusement park and its attractions

On 26 hectares in a beautiful green environment, there are over 40 attractions, including children’s, family, and extreme attractions. Guests can enjoy the well-known and popular Ferris wheel (Legendia Flower), large airplanes (Dream Flight Airlines), or cups, but also, for example, Diamond River – a water slide 8 and 12 m high, or the breathtaking Lech Coaster – awarded the title of Best Coaster 2017 in prestigious industry competition for the best European roller coaster of 2017.

map - Legendia amusement park

All attractions are marked for which age category or height they are intended. Classic merry-go-rounds, trains, mini airplanes, or a mini Ferris wheel are just some of those intended for the little ones. Extreme roller coasters, a centrifuge, and others are more for adults and older children. Several attractions are then dedicated to everyone, so the whole family can enjoy them at once.

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For many people, the symbol of the park is the Legendia Flower, the largest Ferris wheel in Poland, where you can look at the picturesque landscape of the Silesian Park from a height of 40 m above the ground.

carousel - Legendia amusement park

Another amazing carousel is Dream Flight Airlines or simply Large Airplanes. This iconic device is the oldest carousel in Legendia. Designed and built by Polish engineers in the 1960s. The carousel consists of 6 planes, each of which takes 10 people on board. An unforgettable flight lasts 12 minutes while you fly at a speed of up to 55 km/h!


There are up to 3 roller coasters in Legendia – the family Dream Hunters Society, the first roller coaster in Poland with loops – Diabelska Pętla, and the newest Lech Coaster. The last mentioned is a real Legendia hit – it is 40 m high and reaches a speed of 96 km/h. This is one of the best mountain railways in Europe!

Interactive entertainment

Bazyliszek is fantastic family fun where you fight monsters. Here you will get laser pistols, a vehicle – a wagon for 6 people and as opponents multimedia creatures-monsters. This interactive entertainment is one of the theme park’s most popular attractions.

Water attraction

diamond river - Legendia amusement park

Other attractions of Legendia include popular water features such as a wild river or descents into the water from a height. For example, Diamond River will take you to the world of spirits. In a fairytale setting, you will experience a double water slide – from eight and twelve meters. You won’t leave here with dry clothes. It is a pleasant refreshment in the summer heat. In other cases, a dryer is installed near the attraction (for a fee).

A little rest for parents

In Legendia, you will surprisingly find places where you can let the smallest children out for a while and enjoy a cup of good coffee for a while in peace. There is a fenced area with miniature attractions as well as a large indoor playground with a monkey track. Of course, there are also classic outdoor relaxation areas with swings, trampolines, climbing frames, or a sandpit.

Finally, a few more tips

street - Legendia amusement park
  • Parking is possible directly at Legendia for a fee.
  • If during your visit you remember that you forgot something in your car in the parking lot, ask for a “car pass” at the information desk so that you can get back through the entrance gates again, otherwise, you will be stuck “outside”.
  • It may happen that after completing the water attractions, the thread will not be dry on you, a towel may come in handy.
  • Your bags are not checked upon entering the park
  • Draft drinks are poured into returnable cups. Don’t be surprised if you are asked for a deposit of PLN 10/cup.
  • It is not forbidden to bring your own food and drink into the park, but prices on-site are acceptable.
  • At some attractions, radars are installed that will take pictures of you in the most unexpected situations. Don’t forget to look at the photos on the way out, laugh at yourself, and possibly buy them as a souvenir.

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Legendia amusement park in winter

Garden of Lights - Legendia amusement park

Is there any reason why Legendia theme park should be open in winter? Yes! Legendia always disguises itself as the Garden of Lights (Ogród Swiatel) for a few months of the year. Such a magical light park stands out in the winter darkness. The entrance fee to the winter Legendia is then rapidly lower than in the summer season, and only a few attractions are functional during this period, mainly for the smallest children. Everything here is magically lit up, there will be a lot of fairy-tale characters, the stalls smell of hot chocolate, and the Legendia amusement park is worth it even in winter!

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