The Canary Island of Tenerife is an incredible place and one of its biggest attractions is Loro Park – a wonderful Zoo with orcas.

The island of Tenerife is a favorable place to relax with kids. It has ideal weather practically all the time. It’s not too hot here, and yet it’s still warm and holiday-like. In addition, its landscape is incredibly diverse and the abundance of natural beauty stimulates children’s curiosity. And it has Loro Park too! One of the most amazing animal attractions in the world!

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Loro Park – A great exotic adventure begins

Loro Parque is an extraordinary place that combines a zoo and an aquatic aquarium together. Located in the picturesque area of Puerto de la Cruz. The best way to get here is by car, but the adjacent parking lot is not very large. Another option is to take the yellow train from downtown Puerto de la Cruz for free.

Loro park train

A great exotic adventure then begins right at the entrance, where you will be greeted by oriental houses surrounded by water with koi carp. You can also have your photo taken here as a souvenir. And it will get more and more interesting.

You walk along the path in the shade of mature trees, and behind the glass enclosures, first gorillas and then gradually other animals appear. There are over 300 species of animals in the park, and the lush exotic vegetation reminiscent of an authentic jungle is also beautiful.

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Right after the first paddocks, you will come across an attraction that will put a smile on your face. You enter the first building you come across and you find penguins. These little birds are funny and love to pose for your camera.

You proceed further into the dark bowels of the pavilion and find not only other birds but mainly fish. There are many colorful aquariums.

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Entertaining animal show

But Loro Park is not just a zoo where you observe animals lazily resting in their enclosures. The biggest attraction is the animal shows, and there are 4 of them:

  • Sea lion show
  • Parrot show
  • Dolphin show
  • Orca show

Performances take place at different intervals and with different frequencies. For example, the most attractive show with killer whales is only twice a day. It is a good idea to look at the changeover hours in advance and then plan your entire tour of Loro Park according to them. You can find them here >>

Cute sea lions

loro park sea lions

They are perpetually wet and smell like fish, but who doesn’t love the sight of big sea lion eyes? Plus, they’re pretty funny. In no time one of them starts playing dead and the others give him first aid and mourn him. You can really see how much they enjoy it on the sea lions. You’ll get a lot of laughs here at this show.

Parrot show

parrot show

She is already different. It has a very educational character. Parrot trainers show and tell interesting things from their lives. Some of them talk or can do a trick for a treat. But the most beautiful part of the parrot show is when the breeders release the birds into the air and let them fly freely over your head. And it happens quite often that a parrot decides it doesn’t want to fly and settles on your shoulder or right on your head.

Dolphin show

dolphin show

These aquatic mammals are amazing animals. They are not only cute but also incredibly smart. During their performance, you will not only have fun, but you will learn many interesting and useful things about them. Like what to do if you find a dolphin stranded on the beach.

Orca show

orca show

These huge creatures will take your breath away. The whole show is conceived as an awareness of saving these creatures. You will get a lot of information from it.

As soon as the keepers release the killer whales into the pool, you realize how big they are. Whales swim through the pool, wave their fins at you, or thoroughly splash you with water. It’s definitely better not to sit in the bottom rows for this show. There is an option to wear a raincoat, but it won’t help you much.

Orchidario, parrot nursery, tunnel through the shark tank and others

shark tank

When you walk through Loro Park, you see the show and observe the enclosures with all the happy animals, be it lions, crocodiles, or monkeys, it is definitely not all you can see here. Loro Park has other exhibits that are worth seeing. For example, a wonderful orchidario, house with bats or a tunnel through the tank, where sharks and stingrays will swim above your head. Seeing the “face” of a stingray like this from below is pretty funny. But sharks are scary.

Or such an animal hospital, where you can observe the treatment of animal patients behind the glass. And what about a parrot nursery full of freshly hatched young birds?

Parrots everywhere you look


Loro Park was originally just a parrot park, as the name suggests. And it’s no wonder that a large part of the zoo remains faithful to the birds. Some like cranes, flamingos, or peacocks can be found walking freely around the zoo. And some birds are locked in their aviaries. The most beautiful bird exhibit here is a walk through the treetops. This is a giant aviary where you walk high up on footbridges at tree height while they fly or sit around you. They are so close to you that you could pet them, but that is of course forbidden.

Loro Park offers even more

Various restaurants, souvenir stands, and rest areas are commonplace in this type of facility. But we can also find a fun relaxation corner for children – Kinderlandia. Climbing frames, a slide or even the Orca Train will keep the children entertained for a while, while parents can relax and drink a cup of coffee.

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Will kids like Loro Park?

Actually, there’s no need to ask. Fascinating animals that they only know from TV can be literally at their fingertips here. A visit to Loro Park is an extraordinary experience that will remain in everyone’s memory for a long time. Be sure to set aside a whole day for the visit, you will definitely not be bored.

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