The Fun Trips with Kids website was created as an inspiration for parents and their children who like to travel, whether for short weekend trips, holidays, or long-term trips. I’m a big travel enthusiast myself. So who am I?

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Predjama Castle – Slovenia

My name is Vladi and I am a wife and mother of 4 children, two teenagers, and two younger ones. And I love traveling. I think that experiencing and learning about new cultures, history, and nature is the most valuable thing we can give our children. That’s why I constantly invent trips and plan new and new trips where I would take my kids.

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As a student, I had the opportunity not only to travel and discover but also to work abroad. For example, I worked as a tourist guide in Greece or Bulgaria. I am originally from the Czech Republic. And now I pass on this love and enthusiasm for traveling to my children.

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Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

All our trips take place mainly in Europe, but this is not the rule. Otherworld continents are no strangers to us either. We deal with all types of travel, from rolling on the beach, through mountain hiking, amusement parks to learning about history in castles and chateaux and the hearts of cities.

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Island Kos, Greece

I believe that our experiences, experiences, tips, and tutorials will be useful and inspiring for you because trips with kids are always fun.

If you have any questions about me or my blog, please leave me a message, I will answer them as soon as possible: