• amusement parks in Slovakia
    Amusement parks,  Europe

    Top 5 amusement parks in Slovakia

    Where to have fun with children in Slovakia? Kids love theme parks. And similar facilities are growing literally like mushrooms after the rain, and Slovakia is no exception. Each area has its own theme, size and focus. But which are the best, biggest and most popular? We bring you our selection of Top 5 amusement parks in Slovakia.

  • best European cities for families

    The best European cities for families

    You long for walks around the city, exploring new places, architecture and tasting new dishes. And are you afraid that such fun would not entertain your children? So it’s not European cities that offer kids so much that they will literally be unstoppable. Below we bring inspiration to the best European cities for families in our opinion.

  • things to do in rome
    Cities,  Europe

    The best things to do in Rome with kids

    The Italian capital is one of the most amazing European cities. Such a concentration of monuments located in a relatively small space, which even small children’s feet can handle without any major problems, is not easy to see. If you want to show children something from history, take them to places that have spirit, atmosphere, charm. Here are the best…

  • theme parks in poland
    Amusement parks,  Europe

    Top 10 theme parks in Poland

    There are many amusement parks in Poland that will provide an unforgettable experience for both adults and children. Energylandia with the fastest megacoaster in Europe. Łeba Park with 100 figures of dinosaurs. Miniature Park with the most valuable monuments in a reduced version or Majaland Kownaty with fairy-tale attractions zones. We present a subjective guide to the most interesting theme…

  • what to see in bulgaria
    Places,  Europe

    What to see in Bulgaria?

      What to see in Bulgaria and what to visit? We know this country thanks to its 378 km long coastline with wide beaches covered with golden sand washed by the blue waters of the Black Sea. Although a holiday in Bulgaria is synonymous with a cheap holiday in a seaside resort, this one of Europe’s cheapest rivieras can offer…

  • Tips for Flying With Toddlers
    Travel tips

    6 Tips for Flying With Toddlers

    When you have a toddler, you can forget about ball gowns, socializing with friends every single weekend, and trips planned to a tee. Toddlers are fun to have around—they’re a bundle of joy, after all! However, they can be as unpredictable as your life is right now with a precious little ball of energy beside you. Especially if you’re flying…