We can imagine the amusement park SeaWorld Orlando as a world of marine aquariums against the background of adrenaline tracks and other attractions. It’s operated for 50 years, but it’s no outdated device. It is engaged in the rescue of marine animals and the constant modernization and renewal of its unique attractions. So it’s no wonder SeaWorld Orlando had an estimated 4.45 million visitors last year (2022), making it the 10th most visited theme park in the United States.

Where to find SeaWorld Orlando?

SeaWorld Orlando is located in the theme park capital, Orlando, Florida, USA. So, in its proximity, we can also find the famous Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, Legoland, and many other facilities.

If you fly into Orlando International Airport, SeaWorld is only 20 minutes away. And if you’re looking for a place to stay while visiting, try Bluegreen Vacations The Fountains, where we stayed, which is only a 5-minute drive from SeaWorld. And other theme parks in Orlando are just a short distance away. So, it’s a great starting point.

Group SeaWorld Entertainment

seaworld entertainment

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. is an American trading company that owns and operates eight theme parks and five water parks, mainly in the United States. Among the important establishments in its portfolio are SeaWorld in Orlando, San Antonio, San Diego, and the youngest, which opened only this year (2023) in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. But the company is not only focused on entertainment and the marine world; it also shows terrestrial animals in its parks under the Bush Gardens brand.

As you can see, this is not a small company but a company that invests a lot of money not only in our entertainment but also in education, research, and rescuing endangered animal species. So keep that in mind when you’re considering visiting one of SeaWorld Entertainment’s parks because the entrance fee isn’t cheap, but some of your money will go to a good cause, and what’s more, you’ll have fun and maybe even learn something.

Seaworld Orlando was opened in 1973 as the third theme park of the SeaWorld Entertainment group. It is spread out in the middle of Orlando around bodies of water that give it atmosphere. Terrariums and tanks with animals are then interspersed with attractions, so you won’t miss anything SeaWorld has to offer as you walk through the park.

map seaworld orlando

Animals at SeaWorld Orlando

As the name of this facility suggests, SeaWorld Orlando is mainly devoted to marine animals. Here, we can find various types of fish, from the smallest to the largest, but also invertebrates, birds, and large aquatic mammals such as walruses and sea lions. And it’s such a rarity. In Orlando, in the middle of land, with no access to the sea and salt water, dolphins and sharks frolic here, while penguins frolic in the middle of ice and snow, even in this otherwise hot Florida climate.

tunel seaworld orlando

The facility is built like a large marine zoo, where you walk through a well-maintained garden from building to building and admire the sight of these animals. Everything is modern, clean, maintained, and interactive in places. You even have the opportunity to feed some of the animals with treats sold here. They are, for example, stingrays or small sharks. You can also pet the stingrays.

In some expositions, there are even regular shows with animals:

Dolphin Show

Delfini show

Who wouldn’t love them? They are unique, funny, and so innovative! You must go to their show if you want to get to know them more than just when they swim past you in the aquarium. The dolphins here are rescued individuals who enjoy the attention of their keepers, and you can see how much they enjoy jumping out of the water and splashing on the audience.

Sea Lion Show

Another of the silly shows at SeaWorld Orlando is the sea lion show. During the sea lion show, the sea lions happily slide down the slide into the pool, jump, throw a ball, splash on the audience, or send them meringue. But that’s not all! He can do a lot of other tricks. The sea lion show simply never disappoints and entertains.

Orca show

SeaWorld Orlando

This show is focused not only on giant black and white pachyderms but also on people’s connection with the sea and highlights the beauty of marine life. During this exhibition, the keepers will introduce you to these giant individuals, describe how they care for them, and explain the importance of protecting orcas and other marine animals.

Adrenaline attractions

But the SeaWorld Orlando facility is not only a display of the marine world and its animals. It’s also a crazy adrenaline ride. However, some of the attractions have no equivalent anywhere else, and you can only find them in this park. So if we are thrill lovers, you will enjoy it to the fullest here. We will mention only some of them.

Pipeline – Surfing

Have you ever ridden a roller coaster standing up? So watch out, you can experience this in Pipeline. It’s an entirely different experience when you don’t sit down during the breakneck ride up and down, but you have to stand and, for once, deny yourself with your legs. And all this at a speed of almost 100 km/h.

Manta – roller coaster facing the ground

If not standing up, have you ever tried riding a roller coaster looking down? Manta lets you do that. After you settle comfortably into your seats, they recline with you so that your face looks at the asphalt and your back is turned to the sky. In this position, you fly through the turns of this roller coaster. By the way, with your face just above the water level.

Mako – Orlando’s tallest and fastest roller coaster

This roller coaster can be seen from afar as you approach SeaWorld. It is named after one of the fastest-known sharks in the ocean. It reaches a speed of up to 117 km/h and is 60 meters high. This makes it the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Orlando.

Kraken – with legs in the air

Wasn’t that enough for you? Kraken is another of the park’s extreme roller coasters. High, fast, upside down, and without solid ground under your feet, that’s not all that awaits you here.

Flamingo Paddle Boats – by boat on the lake

If you get too dizzy from those roller coasters, you can ride the pedal flamingos on the lake and enjoy the view of all the hustle and bustle around you. Boats are famous worldwide with all age groups, so riding in them will please everyone you love. Just be careful, as the only attraction in this park, its use is not included in the entrance fee and must be paid separately.

Infinity Falls – Rafting

Infinity Falls

Again, this attraction is labeled extreme, even though it is not a roller coaster. And, indeed, it is not for small children. You get on a raft, ride through wild water, waterfalls, and geysers, and finally fall from one waterfall. The thread doesn’t stay dry on you, which is quite a nice thing to do in the Florida heat. Nevertheless, dryers are, of course, also available here for a fee.

Journey to Atlantis – Fun Water Slide

If you love water and slides, this attraction is just for you! A pleasant boat rides on an artificial river, ending with a fall into the water and a big squirt to the sides. The attraction is no longer so extreme but still unsuitable for small children.

And the fun at SeaWorld Orlando doesn’t end there! There is much more fun here, and new tracks are being built yearly. Does it suddenly seem to you that there are a lot of attractions for older children and adults in this theme park, and SeaWorld is not for younger generations? But that’s a mistake! Just read on.

Paradise for Children – Sesame Street

Sezamova ulice

Who does not know the show Sesame Street. It is a half-play and half-puppet show for children. It features a lot of cute, funny furry creatures. A separate part of the SeaWorld Orlando theme park is dedicated to children and Sesame Street.

We will find a replica of this place on display, as children know it from TV. In addition, these are interactive backdrops. The doorbells work. The trash can shakes when you tap it. Lots of things can be moved and rotated. There are also tablets and screens installed here that children can control. And most importantly, actors disguised as familiar furry monsters walk among the children and talk to them. Meeting Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, or Oscar the Grouch is an experience not only for our children.

Sezamova ulice kolotoc

Of course, this fairytale place also has merry-go-rounds and roller coasters for the little ones, as well as a children’s water playground.

Food at SeaWorld Orlando

During our time in Orlando, we encountered the strictest food-related bag checks at SeaWorld. Not only did we have to go through X-rays upon entry, but we also had to open all our bags. We didn’t take any extra snacks, I planned to eat in the evening. But we had with us a packet of crackers, 2 bags of baby food and the original wrapped 4 small puff pastry apple scarves. No food from home. The puff pastry apple scarves were, however, confiscated at the entrance and subsequently disposed of. The security service allowed us to keep the baby food and crackers.

The park makes sure that its food is spent inside and not brought in from outside. So if you go to SeaWorld, watch out for that.

If you get hungry during a visit to the amusement park, then of course you don’t have to worry about an empty stomach. There are many places to eat here. Although it is not the cheapest here, higher prices can be expected inside the amusement parks. Here you can choose a fast food, a themed restaurant or a cafe. Such a Starbucks also has its place in SeaWorld Orlando. Among the restaurants, Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar is worth mentioning, where you can watch sharks swimming through the glass while eating.

SeaWorld also offers the possibility of feasting near killer whales, which can otherwise only be observed during their show. But this service is of course extra paid. Like the All-Day Dining Deal. Which is also an interesting choice. The All-Day Dining Deal means you subscribe to all-day dining at this theme park. Based on this, you can eat anywhere in the park. But there are other restrictions and rules around it, so you need to carefully read the offer in advance and consider whether you will use it at all.

Admission prices and how to save

The cost of basic admission to visit SeaWorld Orlando is $139 (10/2013). The price includes entry to almost all attractions (with one exception) and all shows and animal terrariums. Furthermore, there are a number of things for which you can pay extra if you are interested. In addition to the All-Day Dining Deal, these include priority entry to attractions, private encounters with dolphins, penguins or lunch with orcas.

Tips to save on admission to SeaWorld Orlando:

  1. Buy tickets online and in advance.
  2. Combined multi-day tickets to multiple SeaWorld Entertainment parks will be cheaper. For example, SeaWorld Orlando + Aquatica Orlando water park or Bush Gardens Tampa.
  3. The park quite often lists discount events of up to -60% on some important date, be it Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, or perhaps Mother’s Day or Veteran’s Day. This is how we managed to buy tickets for 66 USD / person (2023).
  4. Discounted entrance fees are often offered by intermediaries, such as Get Your Guide or Undercover Tourist.
  5. Other discounts can be found on discount portals such as Groupon.com.

Our other tips, advice, observations

  • The ideal time to visit the park is on a weekday outside of holidays. This saves your nerves because queues for some attractions can easily last up to two hours at peak times. Plan your arrival at the park before it opens. The parking lot is easy to get to, but the earlier you arrive, the closer you park to the entrance gate. Parking is $30 for the whole day (10/2023). Alternatively, you can use taxi or UBER services.
  • When entering SeaWorld Orlando, you go through a strict X-ray security check. In addition to dangerous objects, checks are also focused on your food, which is forbidden to bring into the park, with some exceptions.
  • There is a Wi-Fi signal throughout the amusement park, so it is nice to have the official app with a map downloaded on your mobile phone, which will help you not to get lost.
  • Toilets are on every corner. They are large and clean, with corners for changing diapers, and some even with vending machines with hygiene aids.
  • So that you don’t carry an unnecessarily large package of drinks, take a refillable bottle to top up your water whenever needed. Fountains for filling bottles are usually located near toilets, or look for automatic Coca-Cola refill stands – water and possibly ice are free in them.
  • In the park, you can purchase a themed refillable (bottomless) cup for $14.99 (10/2023) and refill it with non-alcoholic carbonated beverages of your choice throughout the day at designated locations. The cup will then remain as a keepsake.
  • Don’t forget to pack sunglasses, sunscreen, and a cooling towel. All attractions are outdoors, and the Florida sun is treacherous.

But the biggest advice from us is – come to the opening hour, stay until closing time and really enjoy it! The amazing animals and all the attractions will make your head spin.

Where to find SeaWorld Orlando?

7007 Sea World Dr,
Orlando, FL 32821,

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