• uk in the summer
    Places,  Europe

    Five reasons to visit the UK in the summer

    The United Kingdom is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, but what makes it such a popular tourist destination? Planning a trip for summer vacations can be tricky as there are so many amazing countries and places one can visit. One of the options is the UK, a very historic and culture-rich country with so many…

  • exercise

    10 Exercises to Stay in Shape While Traveling

    Commitment…. Hard work….. Perseverance….. They are all important considerations in a successful workout regimen. But there’s another factor, without which none of the others matter . . . Consistency! Without it, your progress will be haphazard with frequent plateaus and backward steps. But how can you maintain a regular workout schedule when you are a frequent traveler? In this article, I’ll…

  • what to see in antalya
    Cities,  Asia,  Europe

    What to see in Antalya, Turkey

    Do you want to see and experience something interesting in Antalya? Are you tired of water fun and beach lounges? We will introduce you to attractive places in the area and fun activities that will make your Turkish holiday wonderful. So what to see in Antalya?

  • swimming lakes in Austria
    Mountain trips,  Europe

    Swimming lakes in Austria

    Have you ever thought of trying swimming lakes in Austria? The pearl of beautiful Austrian nature are the crystal clear lakes surrounded by mountain peaks. The endless bodies of water, which glitter like the rarest diamonds in the sun, are among the most typical that the alpine landscape has to offer. To list all the Austrian lakes would be, with…

  • Salzburg city break
    Cities,  Europe

    Salzburg city break with kids

    What about Salzburg city break with kids? Salzburg is a charming, small but large city in the western part of Austria. The old town, with an area of ​​just over a square kilometer, is a world metropolis of music festivals and art events. The little legs passing through the narrow medieval streets will not get bored. Numerous Salzburg cafés and…

  • lake constance
    Places,  Europe,  Mountain trips

    Lake Constance with kids

    Lake Constance is the third largest lake in Central Europe and, due to its border with Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is an ideal place for an active holiday. There are many beautiful places to go on a trip with kids and there is a playground on every corner.