• travel gift ideas for kids
    Travel tips

    Best travel gift ideas for kids

    Are you no stranger to exploring the world and are you not afraid to take your children with you on your travels? Why not get them even more excited about traveling by choosing the right gifts. Our overview of best travel gift ideas for kids will help you.

  • water parks in Dubai
    Aquaparks,  Asia

    Best water parks in Dubai

    Dubai is home to a number of attractions, but it’s the city’s water parks that make the real buzz. Get inspired and visit one of them with your family. Here is an overview of the best water parks in Dubai.

  • things to see in brussels
    Cities,  Europe

    Things to see in Brussels with kids

    Brussels is mainly known as the capital of Belgium and the seat of NATO, and it might seem that it doesn’t have much to offer families. But that is a big mistake! And that’s why we bring you a list of the best things to see in Brussels with kids.

  • maldives
    Seaside vacations,  Asia

    Maldives with family

    Have you thought of visiting the Maldives with family and don’t know if it’s a good idea? Believe it is! The exotic Maldives is something for those who want to experience a real adventure. It is worth visiting them, because it is not known if they will soon disappear from the world maps.

  • gardaland theme park
    Amusement parks,  Europe

    Gardaland Theme Park

    Come and have fun at one of the first and largest European amusement parks for families with kids and lovers of exciting adventure and the fifth most visited amusement park in the world – Gardaland theme park.

  • zoo vienna
    Amusement parks,  Europe

    ZOO Vienna – the oldest zoo in the world

    The ZOO Vienna (Tiergarten Schönbrunn) was founded as early as 1752 as an imperial menagerie and is thus the oldest zoological garden in the world. Despite its small area, it definitely has a lot to offer. The ancient atmosphere, architecturally interesting pavilions, a huge number of animals from all continents, but especially the rare giant pandas are the biggest attraction.…