The Seychelles is the beauty queen of the Indian Ocean. The emerald forests turn into whitish beaches and they gradually enter the azure sea… Do you already know which island you will visit on your holiday in Seychelles?

Seychelles is an ideal choice for relaxation, water sports and exploring the underwater world. Go for the heat in the best places of this island state, as our recommendation can serve as an inspiration.

Paradise garden of Praslin island

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Praslin Island, nicknamed the Palm Island due to its dense tropical forests, is the ideal place for your vacation. This is where one of the most famous symbols of the Seychelles comes from, the coconut tree, which grows in the Vallée de Mai under the auspices of thousands of UNESCO. You can even meet a rare black parrot here. It is said that those who see him will be lucky for the rest of their lives. That’s a challenge, isn’t it?

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La Digue, the pearl of the Indian Ocean

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In every debate about which island is the most beautiful in the Seychelles, the name La Digue will be heard at least once. It is a popular retreat for couples who long for romance and relaxation, famous for its quiet beaches and the “pink rocks” that earned it its original name, Pink Island. You can explore the local nature on bikes, and if you’re lucky, you’ll even come across a very rare flycatcher in the deep green forests. This endangered bird only lives on the island here and the Veuve Reservé nature reserve has been established because of it, which you should definitely not miss.

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Luxury on the North Island

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The successful know well why they go to the Seychelles on the North Island. Do you want to spend your vacation in a tropical paradise? This remarkable island, full of breathtaking flora and fauna, offers accommodation in only 11 villas, on the beach of Anse d’Est. These villas are among the most expensive accommodation in the world. Bill Gates, Richard Branson or Madonna have already appreciated the qualities of the island, and even Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge even spent their honeymoon here. So if you are looking for pure luxury, then North Island is the place for you.

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Regeneration in Mahé

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With an area of less than 155 square kilometers, Mahé is the largest of 115 Seychelles islands. Sandy beaches with a gradual entry into the azure sea and seemingly endless green forests promise a romantic holiday within reach of civilization. You can stay with your dear half in the luxury resort MAIA, which, in addition to first-class accommodation, will also arrange unforgettable experiences for you. Swim in the Seychelles with turtles or take a helicopter to one of the uninhabited islands and enjoy romantic moments under the tropical sun.

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An underwater miracle on Eden Island

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Eden is an artificial island just ten minutes away by car from Mahé, whose main landmark is one of the most prestigious ports in the world. Leave your yacht here and set out to discover this unique place: spacious villas, top restaurants and entertainment until the morning – you really won’t be bored here. Private white beaches are complemented by a colorful underwater world. One of the attractions of the island is the aquarium, whose main attraction is a number of moray eels, octopuses and corals. While other aquariums are gaining ground around the world, they present only the best of the Seychelles.

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Silhouette: a paradise for hiking

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The island is of volcanic origin. The population of the whole island is no more than 200 inhabitants. Despite the fact that the island is near the main island of Mahé, until recently it was almost impossible to land on the island. Most visitors arrive by helicopter. There are no roads, so the island is a paradise for hiking, there are two routes across the equatorial forests La Passe and Grande Barbe. The round trip takes the whole day. The island is mountainous, the highest point is Dauban, which measures up to 780 m. The mountain is covered with rare and lush vegetation.

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