Whether the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day is just a clever marketing move by flower and perfume retailers or you have accepted it as a natural part of your life – try to visit the most romantic places with me. Here are the 10 best places for Valentine’s Day in Europe.

Venice, Italy

places for St. Valentine's Day

It is probably not necessary to introduce this Mecca of lovers. Venice is synonymous with romance. And riding a traditional gondola, gliding gracefully on one of the many canals, marked the beginning of many happy marriages. Don’t worry you won’t be original. Venice, like diamonds, never offends a woman.

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Paris, Pont des Arts Bridge, France

places for St. Valentine's Day

There are many romantic places in Paris, but you also know the elegant Pont des Arts? This place boasts the title of the first iron bridge in Paris. The Bridge of Art has become a popular place for couples in love who wanted to confirm their love by attaching a castle with engraved names on a metal railing. Under the weight of the evidence of love, part of it fell into the river and the railing was replaced with glass plates. With this measure, the bridge has not lost any of its picturesqueness and continues to attract a number of loving couples heading to the nearby Louvre.

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Prague, Old Town, Czech Republic

places for St. Valentine's Day

You can also enjoy a pleasant intimate atmosphere in the heart of Europe in the streets of ancient romantic Prague, which is irresistibly magical and inspiring, especially in the early evening. History speaks to you here, and you may experience something unique while walking around the Vltava or Charles Bridge in the view of Prague Castle.

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Lake Bled, Slovenia

places for St. Valentine's Day

If your partner loves nature, then you will hardly find a more suitable place for a romantic trip. Lake Bled offers beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. It boasts two dominants. One of them is Blejski Castle, proudly towering over the blue surface. The second is a romantic island with a picturesque church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The island is accessible by boat, strikingly reminiscent of a Venetian gondola. A half-hour cruise to the island will certainly be enough to say the most romantic beliefs.

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London, London Eye, UK

places for St. Valentine's Day

Do you want to enjoy a moment of privacy in the middle of a vibrant metropolis? The London Eye will offer you plenty and add a unique view of the historic part of the city as a bonus. One of the largest sightseeing bikes in the world was inaugurated on December 31, 1999 and soon became one of the most visited attractions in the UK. The ferris wheel brings comfortable air-conditioned cabins up to a height of 135 meters. One turn around the axis takes 30 minutes, during which, with a little luck, you will see Windsor Castle, 50 kilometers away. Even individuals suffering from dizziness will conquer the magical atmosphere.

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Giethoorn, The Netherlands

places for St. Valentine's Day

This place is a secret Valentine’s favorite. If you want to visit Italian Venice without the crowds of romance of eager tourists, then you should not miss Giethoorn, which is nicknamed the Venice of the North. The fairytale town of 3,000, whose history dates back to the 13th century, is interwoven with a network of water canals, along which wooden boats run. There are no roads leading to the old part of the town. The ancient houses standing on the small islands were rebuilt from farms serving the original settlers. You can also walk around the city by land – the individual islands are connected by stylish wooden bridges.

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Fisherman Bastion, Hungary

places for St. Valentine's Day

The steps of anyone who wants to know the best of the history of Hungary lead unmistakably to Rybářská Bašta. That history doesn’t seem romantic to you? Then this Budapest pearl will lead you astray. The Fisherman Bastion was built between 1895 and 1902 to celebrate the 1000th birthday of the Hungarian state. The result of the work of leading architects is a large building reminiscent of fabulously beautiful neo-Romanesque castles. At first glance, the white building attracts with its seven towers and a unique view of the Danube River, Buda Castle and the entire ancient city center.

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Bamberg, Germany

places for St. Valentine's Day

The ancient city of Babmerg, which dates back to 902, is sure to enchant you. Spread over seven hills, the city has survived several Hussite invasions and the horrors of World War II, so you can walk through the largest intact historic center in Europe. It is not for nothing that it is on the UNESCO list. History here breathes on you from literally every corner. Walks through the winding streets will enchant the half-timbered houses, the monumental imperial dome of St. Peter and George or the monastery of St. Michaela. Gentlemen will enjoy visiting one of the city’s nine breweries. Bamberg deserves your attention.

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Verona, Italy

places for St. Valentine's Day

What could be more romantic than a visit to the city where the most famous tragedies of Romeo and Juliet took place? Although Venice, the most famous romantic destination, is only an hour away, there is something special about Verona that Shakespeare already knew. The biggest advantage of staying here is that you will escape large crowds of people and experience a quieter holiday. The city center was built in antiquity and its long history can be seen in the numerous Roman ruins. Stroll through the small streets and enjoy a long coffee break in Piazza delle Erbe and taste some of the best food and wine in all of Italy, paying particular attention to Amarone, a raisin wine once made exclusively for the royal court.

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Seville, Spain

places for St. Valentine's Day

Many people will claim that Seville is the most romantic city in Spain, if not the world. This charming Andalusian capital is full of romance at every turn. Here you will find all the symbols of Spanish flamenco culture, bullfighting and tapas! Discover the narrow streets of romantic Santa Cruz, enjoy beautiful sunsets and incredible views from Las Setas, discover the Aire de Seville and relax in the Arabian Spas, watch the real flamenco performance that will spice up your stay with your unprecedented passion. And last but not least, Seville is also a place where you can indulge in some of the best tapas and the best wines in the world!

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