Scandinavia is becoming a more and more frequent destination for foreign trips, especially when it comes to family trips. It attracts the unique natural and landscape values of the Nordic countries, as well as the constantly growing number of attractions for children. Today we will tell you about them and indicate the best amusement parks in Scandinavia. We can be sure that you will find something for yourself here! So it’s time to start our list of the 15 best parks in Scandinavia!

Sweden – the best amusement parks

Swedish amusement parks are also something worth paying attention to during a trip to Scandinavia. Which of them were included in our ranking? The answer awaits below!

1. Tivoli Grona Lund

Tivoli Grona Lund may have a similar name to the previously mentioned Danish theme park, but it is completely different! Located on Djugarden, one of the central islands of the Swedish capital, Stockholm, it is truly an amazing place. You can notice it from afar, thanks to how tall the structures of individual attractions are! 

amusement parks in scandinavia

There are as many as 30 different rides and rollercoasters waiting for you there, so you really need a long time to see them all. Particularly noteworthy are Twister (a great wooden roller coaster for the whole family), Eclipse, which allows you to see Stockholm from a previously unknown perspective, and Insane, which is one of the few attractions of the “fourth dimension”. What does it mean? Well, the point here is that the carriages of the cable car are located next to the track, and what’s more … they rotate around their axis.

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2. Liseberg

Liseberg is an amusement park located in Gothenburg, with a really large area of 110 hectares. We will find some really extreme attractions here! About 40 attractions with a varied mode of action: from rollercoasters, through water slides, to carousels for the youngest. In fact, nothing prevents you from spending the whole day here!

amusement parks in scandinavia

But that’s not all! In this complex, you will also find a venue for concerts, and you can relax in the green spaces, relaxing after a good time … or getting ready to go to the next attraction.

3. Astrid Lindgrens Värld

This park is even a must-see during a Scandinavian trip to Sweden. If you love Astrid Lindgren’s books such as “Children of Bullerbyn” or “Pippi Longstocking”. The location of this attraction is not accidental – it was in the city of Vimmerby in 1905 that the aforementioned author was born. 

amusement parks in scandinavia

The entire park is created in such a way as to reproduce the places known from the most popular Lindgren books as accurately as possible. The children’s houses from Bullerbyn, Lotta’s house, or Willa Smiley, will surely arouse many imaginations. It’s hard to find a better place to feel exactly like our favorite stories!

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4. Kolmarden

On the coast of Sweden, about 150 kilometers from Stockholm, we can find the Kolmarden amusement park, connected to a zoo with several dozen species of animals. It is a park intended rather for younger fans of such attractions.


There are several smaller carousels and roller coasters here, but the characteristic feature of the entire park is the wooden Wildfire rollercoaster – it not only guarantees strong emotions but also has three inversions in its structure!

Norway – the best amusement parks

Norway also has a lot to offer in terms of amusement parks. It is in this country that you will visit truly unique places that you have not seen before in your life!

5. Lilleputhammer

Lilleputthammer can bring to mind the land of Lilliputians … and it won’t be a bad association at all! Located in the Hajfell Hunderfossen area, it is a great place for both children and adults. 

byvandring lilleputthammer

This miniature city allows even the youngest to feel like giants! On-site, you can also take advantage of the devil’s mills or rollercoasters allowing for fun! Besides, children can take part in various workshops or watch short performances!

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6. Dyreparken Kristiansand

Dyreparken, located 10 kilometers east of Kristiansand in southern Norway, began its existence as … a zoo, and over time it turned into a full-fledged amusement park. 

amusement parks in scandinavia

The 250-hectare complex includes not only the aforementioned zoo but also an aquapark, a pirate settlement, and a fairway. It is a great place for a family holiday!

7. Tusenfryd

Tusenfryd is an amusement park located in Vinterbro, a city 20 kilometers south of Oslo. Throughout the complex, we can find over 30 different types of attractions, adapted to each of the visiting families.

amusement parks in scandinavia

The most interesting attractions of this place undoubtedly include the Thunder Coaster, reaching a dizzying speed of 100 kilometers, the Japp SpaceShot free-fall tower, and the SuperSplash water roller coaster. There are also roller coasters for the youngest amusement park fans!

Denmark – the best amusement parks

We will start our ranking of the best amusement parks in Denmark. We have selected several parks from this country: both the obvious and the less known ones. 

8. LEGOLAND Billund 

The Legoland complex in the Danish city of Billund is a must-see on any trip to the Scandinavian countries. Do not think, however, that this park is only a tribute to buildings made of Lego bricks (although there are many of them here) because there are a total of … 65 million of them! During your visit here, you will be able to easily take advantage of the various attractions present in various thematic zones, such as, for example, merry-go-rounds, queues, or boats – all within one ticket! You can trust us – Legoland will be a great place for both younger children, those slightly older, and adults!

amusement parks in scandinavia

However, if by some miracle you feel bored with the attractions offered by Legoland, remember that in the vicinity of the complex, you will find other places worth visiting, such as the LEGO House (which is the creative center for LEGO bricks, the Lalalandia water park or the Givskud ZOO!

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9. Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is a park located in Copenhagen, the beginning of which dates back to 1843! It is a great place for kids and adults. What characterizes this amusement park is the truly unique architecture and atmosphere of this place. There are many elements typical of a city garden – beautiful flowers and many decorative plants, places to rest or cafes … but that’s not all! In the Tivoli Gardens, you can also have fun with the family thanks to the attractions available there.

Beginning with roller coasters or merry-go-rounds adapted for the youngest, ending with the Demon roller coaster that provides a lot of emotions, the rotating Vertigo arm (it runs at a speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour) or even the world’s largest Himmelskibet carousel, up to 80 meters high. This is just a fraction of what Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens hide!

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10. Bakken

Dyrehavsbakken, commonly known as Bakken, is an amusement park located in the city of Klampenborg, on the outskirts of the Danish capital, Copenhagen. It is noteworthy that Bakken is the oldest still operating park in the world – it was founded in 1583! This does not mean that this place is uninteresting for modern families! Bakken is a park full of interesting rides and roller coasters.

amusement parks in scandinavia

Particularly noteworthy is the Tårngyset, which shoots us 30 meters up, or the Rutchebachen railway, which speeds up to 75 kilometers per hour! The complex organizes various shows for families with children, allowing parents a moment of respite. But what distinguishes Bakken from other places of this type? Well, it remains worthy of many of the ancient amusement park traditions, such as the fact that you pay for each attraction separately.

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11. Djurs Sommerland

Djurs Sommerland is a Danish amusement park located on the Djursland peninsula, opened in 1981. As the name suggests, this park is only open during the warm summer months, so plan your trip! The entire park is divided into 9 thematic zones, inspired by more and more elements known from our world – starting from pirate inspirations to elements characteristic of individual continents. 

amusement parks in scandinavia

Particularly noteworthy are attractions that are unique on a national scale, such as the fastest rollercoaster in Denmark, Pirate up to 90 kilometers, Juvelen (the longest attraction of this type in the whole country, 1 kilometer long) or Dragekongen, which is not only the fastest but also and the longest “suspended” roller coaster in Europe.

Finland – the best amusement parks

In our list, we can not forget Finland. We will also find amusement parks in this northern European country, which are worth mentioning.

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12. Sarkanniemi

Sarkanniemi is an amusement park located in the city of Tampere, located 180 kilometers from the capital of Finland – Helsinki. This complex is really impressive in terms of diversity. In addition to the attractions in the amusement park, there is also an oceanarium, dolphinarium, zoo, planetarium, museum, and panoramic tower, 168 meters high. 

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Which attractions are especially worth your attention? Among the many possibilities, the most interesting is the Half Pipe rollercoaster (it looks like a skateboard riding on the track), Tornado (it speeds up to 75 kilometers per hour), or the latest BOOM, which lifts you to 68 meters above the ground!

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13. Angry Birds Land 

Despite the fact that Angry Birds Land is part of the previously discussed Sarkanniemi Park, we believe that it deserves special attention. This square, created after being inspired by the birds known from the Angry Birds games, is an extremely interesting place for families with young children. You must use the Angry Birds carousel here, the cars of which look like the heroes of the game, and best of all – they can accommodate whole families! 

On the other hand, if you need a bit more excitement then you have to use the Lighthouse, which rises high above the ground and over the entire Sarkanniemi Park! These are only two of the ten attractions waiting on site – you have to check the rest yourself. There are also extremely interesting games on site that guarantee fun during breaks from using the queues.

14. Muumimaailma – The Moomin World

Muumimaalima, or the Moomin World, is a park located on the island of Kailo, near the city of Naantali. As you can imagine, when visiting this place, we will be able to feel as if we have entered the world of books about the creatures that appear in the books of Tove Jansson. The park is open from June to August, when the weather allows you to play outdoors and in the winter, but for a much shorter time.


amusement parks in scandinavie

What awaits you when visiting such a “Moomin land”? Well, there are really many attractions here! In addition to the reconstruction of the Moomin village, there are buildings with lots of interesting facts! There are also opportunities for family relaxation in the complex: a small beach or a brook with plastic boats will definitely allow you to spend a great time with your family!

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15. Linnanmaki

Linnanmaki is a park located on the outskirts of the Finnish capital, Helsinki. The complex had its origins in 1950, but its first attraction, the Karuselli carousel, was established in 1986. 

amusement parks in scandinavia

Linnanmaki is primarily a variety of attractions – there are over 40 of them and best of all, they are adapted to both children and lovers of speed and adrenaline injections. For the first group, it will be a great idea to visit the pirate carousel Meririsvolaiva or a cup of Kahvikuppikaruselli. However, if you prefer extreme experiences, your attention should not miss the crazy roller coasters – the fastest and highest in Finland Ukko, or the Raketti slow fall tower. However, these are only some of the queues and roller coasters that are waiting for you – you have to see them with your own eyes! Also, you will also find smaller attractions within the complex, such as the Haunted House, 4D cinema, slot machines, and other similar games.

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