Mallorca could become synonymous with the word “vacation”. The largest of the Balearic Islands attracts its beautiful number of visitors every year. But what about a family vacation in Mallorca?

Summer temperatures of around 30 degrees, picturesque beaches, and a clear sea await them here. Despite the onslaught of tourists, the landscape of Mallorca has retained its original, romantic character. Some areas in the north (Pollenca, Alcúdia, Can Picafort) literally invite you to explore the local nature.

Mallorca is covered with orange and lemon trees, the locals are nice and time flows at its own pace. The island offers you everything you love. Whether it’s historical monuments, beautiful nature, sandy beaches, or piles of entertainment of all kinds. Everyone will find something for themselves here. But even here, the aim of a family vacation in Mallorca will be to entertain kids.

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So how do you spend a family vacation in Mallorca?

As is the classic of these holiday destinations, there are many attractions for children and many things to see. Once your descendants find out what the island has to offer, they will not leave you alone.

Aqualand El Arenal

Family vacation in Mallorca

It’s a water paradise full of water slides and water attractions. It is divided into 4 basic parts. The most popular Adrenaline Fun includes a King Cobra slide topped with a giant snakehead, a Tsunami toboggan, an extremely steep Kamikaze slide, a huge Tornado funnel, or a brisk ride on Rapids inflatables. Easier are the Multipista and Grand Canyon slides in the Family Fun section, complemented by a pool with 1 meter high waves.

A space called Kidzworld awaits the youngest visitors to the Aqualand El Arenal water park. They will enjoy the relaxing Adventureland slides, the dragon monster in the Dragonland pool, the Children´s Paradise water playground and the exotic attraction of Polynesia. The entire complex is complemented by the Chill out & play zone with the lazy Congo River and hot tubs.

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Ostrich farm Artestruz

Family vacation in Mallorca

The Artestruz ostrich farm on the island of Mallorca makes it possible to get to know the world’s largest birds from all sides. It doesn’t matter at all that the two-toed ostrich (Struthio camelus) does not live in the Balearic Islands.

Artestruz Park has been operating since 1997, when the owners brought the first dozen ostriches, ostriches and ostriches from Africa.

These large flightless birds with giraffe necks and long legs are definitely worth getting to know. Did you know that they are able to sprint at speeds of almost 100 kilometers per hour, which makes them the fastest animal moving in two in the world?

The Artestruz ostrich farm includes a café and a shop with a range of interesting products, including leather goods, tasty ostrich meat and fresh eggs. The complex opens its gates all year round without the need for prior reservation.

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Family vacation in Mallorca

In recent years, the Marineland Dolphinarium and Zoo has become one of Mallorca’s most sought-after attractions. Here you will see unique performances of cute animal inhabitants, you can take part in educational programs or walk through zoological exhibits.

Mallorca’s Marineland is primarily a daily show of trained dolphins, sea lions and parrots. Dolphin performances by Blue, Mateo, Estel and Sacha include ball games, fetching or surfing. In special shows, these intelligent marine mammals even carry boats with children’s passengers. Tropical birds, in turn, can handle cycling and skating, counting and other pieces.

Marineland Zoo also offers aquariums with a variety of marine animals from the Mediterranean to the exotic from the Indian and Pacific Oceans. There are swimming pools with penguins, a bird sanctuary with flamingos and a greenhouse with snakes, iguanas, frogs and primates. A children’s water world awaits the youngest visitors.

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Palma Aquarium

Family vacation in Mallorca

Palma Aquarium is a breathtaking underwater world. When visiting Mallorca, be sure not to miss a tour of the most beautiful aquarium in the Balearic Islands. Palma Aquarium offers an experience for children and adults of all ages. It is a place to relax, have fun and discover the underwater world with more than 8,000 animals.

Since 2007, Palma Aquarium has been offering visitors 55 aquariums containing 5 million liters of saltwater and various species of animals from the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific, and the Indian Ocean. For those interested, it also offers “Swimming with stingrays”, but the attraction is limited to the age limit of 8 years.

Palma Aquarium is divided into several outdoor and indoor aquariums. It represents the fauna of the Mediterranean and tropical ocean, an exhibition of yellowfin tuna and jellyfish, and offers snorkeling and diving. Also visit the outdoor jungle with boat, playground and garden. There is a restaurant, a café and a souvenir shop on site.

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Western Park Magaluf

Do you like western and water games? Western Park Magaluf is the real fun for you and your children, boasting Mallorca’s highest water slide! You will spend a day trip here enjoying the area with slides, whirlpools and a Wild West-style playground.

Western Park is divided into three sections with 15 main attractions: Western Land, Indian Town and El Paso. There is also a western town with a stunt show, a water castle, a Boomerang and Kamikaze slide, a wild river with waves, the more than 30 meters high water slide The Beast and a wide Mega Slide slide, which you can ride on a raft. Mini Park and Daky Park, including a gift shop, are available for younger children.

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Natura Parc Zoo

Family vacation in Mallorca

The small Natura Parc zoo offers acquaintance with traditional Mallorcan farm animals as well as with exotic lemurs, parrots, kangaroos and zebras. Its main goal is to return injured animals back to nature.

The Natura Parc family zoo began operating in 1998 as a shelter for animals in need. Today, covering over 33,000 square meters, it provides home to more than 500 species and hides a wide selection of mammals, birds and reptiles, including predators, ostriches and turtles. The highlight of the exhibition is the beast pavilion with lions, tigers, leopards and lynx.

Natura Parc operates all year round and, due to the abundance of shady vegetation, serves as an ideal place to relax and explore during hot summer days. There is a car park, a small playground, a café, a picnic area and a souvenir shop.

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Katmandu Park

The original Katmandu Park theme park boasts the title of “the best in Mallorca”. It is characterized by a wide range of attractions for all ages, unique design and good access from the beach 250 meters away. And above all, a giant snowman Boro, climbing the wall of the adjoining hotel, is watching.

The uniqueness of the Kathmandu Park complex lies, among other things, in its diversity, as it consists of several unique parts. “The House”, an upside-down building, attracts the most attention, in which you will experience a number of interactive experiences, including a shark attack and wandering in an icy mirror maze.

The Atlantis Splash Park themed water world also includes a fortress with slides, a duo of rotating giant buckets and over 150 other water features. The Atlantis Soft Play indoor playground is the largest of its kind in Spain and offers trampolines, tunnels, slides and other play elements. In Kathmandu Park, however, you will also find 4D cinema, ZOMBIES laser games! XD Dark Ride, Desperados and Los Banditos XD Dark Ride, a unique minigolf course and lots of other fun.

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Water world Hidroparc Alcúdia

Family vacation in Mallorca

The only water park in the north of Mallorca will delight you with its size and the diversity of its attractions. Welcome to the Hidroparc Alcúdia, which brings something new and constantly expanding every year.

The water world of Hidroparc Alcúdia covers an area of 40 thousand square meters. Its biggest attractions include the Spiral and Line & Line water slides, a large swimming pool with artificial waves and Kamikaze slides, Soft Track and Slick Race.

An octopus paddling pool awaits children, and the whole family can have fun playing mini golf. The Hidroparc Alcúdia complex includes a rest and relaxation area, a restaurant and bar, social facilities and a car park.

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Dragon Cave, Mallorca

Family vacation in Mallorca

Be enchanted by the music and light show in the Cuevas del Drach underground, one of the most popular places on the east coast of Mallorca, providing a truly extraordinary experience.

Inside the Dragon Cave, various stalactite formations and underground halls created by nature await you. This unique stalactite kingdom complex covers an area of 2 kilometers. Lake Martel with a length of 177 meters is considered one of the largest in the world located in an underground cave.

Don’t miss the impressive music and lighting performance right on the lake. The visit to the Dragon Caves takes one hour, or you can extend it with a boat trip on the lake or a tour of the neighboring Coves dels Hams cave.

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Ride the historic tram

Family vacation in Mallorca

A popular tourist attraction in Mallorca is the historic Tramia de Sóller tram line (Catalan Tramvia de Sóller) connecting Sóller with Port de Sóller. It is operated by original vehicles, driving at approximately 30-minute intervals.

The electrified line was designed and built by engineer Pedro Garau, and operation began on October 4, 1913, following the commissioning of the railway to the metropolis of Palma de Mallorca. After all, it is also worth a ride, as it is intertwined with the magical landscape of the southwestern part of the Serra de Tramuntana.

The length of a single-track, narrow-gauge line with a gauge of 914 millimeters reaches almost 5 kilometers, on which passengers serve 17 stops. Thanks to this line, Sóller is one of the smallest European cities with a functioning tram service.

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Safari Zoo Mallorca

Family vacation in Mallorca

The Safari Zoo Mallorca will entertain both young and old visitors. You can recognize a large part of it only by riding in a tourist train or in a car. On the route, which is almost 3 kilometers long, you will see, for example, lions, zebras, tigers, giraffes, rhinos, hippos and monkeys, including their feeding.

Safari Zoo has been operating successfully in Mallorca for several years. It is basically open all year round and is one of the successful safari parks in all of Spain. It is one of the biggest attractions of the Balearic Islands.

The Mallorca Safari Zoo includes over 6 hundred animals and most of them live in their natural habitat. The “Baby Zoo” works on the principle of direct contact with animals, and even baby elephants will caress your branches in it. There are various playgrounds and restaurants.

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