There is a lot of talk about the effects of flying on pregnancy, and often they are the “scarecrows” themselves, and really only useful advice is modest. So can you fly when pregnant?

Every woman is different, even if every pregnancy is different, but whenever your health allows, we have a few simple tips for you on how to make traveling by plane more enjoyable during your pregnancy.

Let people around you know you’re pregnant!

Many pregnant women have a small belly and many times even in the 6th month they do not look pregnant. Sometimes it has the advantage of hiding the belly, but not when flying an airplane. Show any small belly! Strangers around you will then tend to be more careful and patient. At the airport counter, you have a better chance, you will have a seat in the aisle near the toilet (if you need to bounce every 5 minutes) and people will be happy to help you with bags.

Pregnant women often have priority boarding and do not have to squeeze in lines. But make the most of it if you feel tired and dizzy during pregnancy.

Can you fly when pregnant

Pack lightly

When you are flying alone and there is no one to help you with your luggage, make sure that your luggage is so heavy that you may be able to pick it up yourself. Use luggage with wheels.

Take as much water as you can

Dehydration can be a serious problem for pregnant women, so get enough water before boarding a plane.

Don’t forget to eat

Not only you but also the baby you carry under your heart needs enough nutrients. Don’t forget to eat. Pack a bag of food that you like, plus for your uncle’s story. Just pay attention to airport security conditions. Therefore, if you have fresh fruit in your grain, leave it at home or you should rather buy something in the duty-free zone. You certainly won’t be fooled when you throw a bomb or lollipops into your bag as first aid in case of sugar shortages or to relieve nausea.

Dress comfortably

The main thing that requires discomfort during pregnancy is the fact that a woman’s organs are shifted to make room for the baby. This can make sitting on the seat at one stage a bit uncomfortable. Therefore, get on the plane so that you feel as comfortable as possible. Be sure not to forget about a pillow or a large scarf in case you want to sleep on the plane.

Check airline restrictions

Different airlines have different rules regarding travel during pregnancy. It usually allows you to fly for up to 36 weeks (32 weeks with twins or multiples). For pregnancies from the age of 28 weeks, your doctor will ask you to confirm that you are healthy and that the pregnancy is going on without complications. If you have an obvious tummy before the age of 28 weeks, it is perhaps better to get this confirmation from the doctor anyway, for your peace of mind and for a calm airline.

Can you fly when pregnant

Use compression socks in flight

Pregnant women are more susceptible to venous thrombosis, so compression socks are an ideal preventive measure.


The ideal opportunity for stretching is to get up and stand in line for the toilet. The more functional the queue is, the more time you have to gently stretch the whole body. Swing on your heels, twist at the waist, stretch your arms, neck,…. any movement is welcome.

Vaccinations and drugs

You should have consulted the doctor all the way. Be sensible and think carefully about where you want to travel. Areas with an increased incidence of diseases (malaria, Zika), with low hygiene facilities (high risk of poisoning), or even with extreme climates (too hot, too cold) are unsuitable. Talk to your doctor about which medications it is appropriate to pack for your trip, so that, for example, in the event of food poisoning, you have medicines suitable for pregnant women on hand. He certainly won’t write on technology either. You will certainly appreciate such magnesium or heartburn drugs.

Do not forget enough time reserve

Anything can happen, an accident on the way to the airport, a train delay, .. all this can stress you out. In pregnancy, when you have a constant urge to visit the toilet or the need for insatiable hunger, you will need to think even more about the time reserve.

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