Amusement parks in Germany are a great place to enjoy a good dose of fun, adventure, and adrenaline. The Germans like to have fun. You will find an amusement park in every federal state of Germany, some even more like Bavaria. If you don’t know where to take your family for the weekend, have a look at our tips for the best amusement parks in Germany.

LEGOLAND, Günzburg

Amusement parks in Germany

By entering this popular modular paradise as large as 26 football fields, you and your children will be breathtaking and you will be amazed. It is simply unbelievable to see with your own eyes everything that can be created from tiny Lego cubes. All children in LEGOLAND will fulfill their dream, play a knight, explorer, driver, or pilot and experience various adventures. In LEGOLAND, children can do things that only adults can do.

Are you planning a day trip to LEGOLAND Germany? Forget it. To really enjoy it in LEGOLAND, you need at least two days, ideally a weekend. There are eight areas waiting for you with more than 50 attractions and various entertainment programs for families with children from three to 12 years.

In the Lego factory, you can see under the cover of a mysterious cube production, and at the end of everything, you will also receive a warm, freshly made Lego cube as a gift.

Then the most famous scenes from the iconic Star Wars will come to life in front of you, cities and buildings from all over the world will grow up in your eyes in Miniland, in the Land of Knights you will ride the back of the Fire Dragon and drive through Merlin Castle at speeds of up to 60 km / h. on floating ships that load and unload goods, you will experience adventures through 4-D shows and movies, etc.

In short, everything moves and comes to life everywhere. The amazing thing about all this is the fact that everything around you is built from those tiny Lego cubes that we, as kids, played with, and today our children play with them again … In a word, “unbelievable” … If you need to take a break from all those cubes for a while, for example, get in small jeeps and watch real exotic animals from a safe distance. Wonderful relaxation.

Legoland is not just about cubes, but also about fun attractions such as a roller coaster, a revolving lookout tower, a pirate ship or a canoe trip in the dinosaur world. If you need to cool off from all this, go to a water world full of water attractions.

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Amusement parks in Germany

Take your family for children’s entertainment into an absolutely fantastic and unique world of games, movement, and pleasant experiences for the whole family. Head to the most popular family park in Germany, located near the Bavarian town of Zirndorf, where there is also a company producing toys Playmobil, on the basis of which the park of the same name was created.

In the Playmobil Fun Park, popular Playmobil figures come to life like magic wands, and your young and old children will experience a lot of wonderful adventures with them. The whole area is conceived as one big playground, so there are no crowds, loud music, and queues for attractions.

Children are guaranteed to enjoy great fun here, such as climbing, balancing, jumping, swinging or climbing. Brave knights have their Castle here, beautiful princesses’ Castle, adorable dolls Victorian house, Vikings ship, etc.

Here you will find, for example, a large pirate lake with a 17 m long pirate ship, a knight’s castle, a western town with hidden gold, a dredging center, water areas with boats and grinders, rope towers, slides and much more.

In bad weather, you can all have fun in the HOB center, which covers an area of ​​5,000 m2. In these covered spaces, children can play with the original XXL size PLAYMOBIL or, for example, with stray Vikings in the modern world or in a romantic fairytale castle, or in a looted knight’s castle.

Of course, there are also restaurants, snack stalls, cafes, and an ice cream shop in the complex.

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Amusement parks in Germany

Europapark can rightly be considered the most beautiful amusement park in Germany. It is divided into 15 thematic sections, which correspond to individual European states. In each section, you will find the architecture, gastronomy, and culture that is typical of the country (for example, Greece, France, the Scandinavian countries, etc.). The park area with a total area of ​​70 hectares will offer you over 100 different attractions, shows, performances, and musicals. Both adrenaline lovers and those who do not like adrenaline too much and prefer “calmer” fun.

The biggest attraction of this amusement park is the highest roller coaster in Europe, Silver Star, which measures 73 meters. You will also be interested in the combination of the Poseidon and Atlantica Supersplash mountain and waterways. Those who like to drive in the dark will not miss the roller coaster in the complete darkness of Eurosat. The Euromir roller coaster offers you rotating carts.

You can also bring huge and incredible cultural experiences from various performances and shows, which you will find in the following parts of the park: Arena Show • Globe Show • Variety Show • Ice Show • Children’s Musical • Euromaus Show. You will experience first-class artists, magical costumes, and dancers who will involve you in the story.

The whole area can be bypassed by train, so in one day you can catch the journey from the North Cape to Andalusia.

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Amusement parks in Germany

With its seven unique theme zones, Phantasialand guarantees the best fun for the whole family. Then it was opened in 1967. Due to its size, it belongs more to smaller amusement parks, but both small children and adrenaline enthusiasts will find something to their liking here.

The park is divided into the following units – Alt Berlin, Fantasy, Mexico, Silver City, China Town, Mystery and Deep in Africa. These units offer you a large number of mountain railways, water railways, 4D cinema, free fall, rotating benches, various relaxation rides, carousels, and other shows. There is a special corner for children, where they will find a racetrack, jumping on rubber, or a small free fall.

The biggest attraction is the Black Mamba, which is a suspended roller coaster that passes through rocks and various turns at a speed of 80 km / h. Others include two Winjas Fear & Force roller coasters (mice), which run through the building and intertwine in all sorts of ways, and also rotate around their axis. There is also a free fall in the dark, which is a very popular attraction. Then Talocan, a revolving bench, where water or whipping fire will still spray on you for all sorts of upside downturns. The last big attraction is the Colorado Adventure, a train running between rocks with long tunnels.

Of great interest are the possibilities of sleeping within the complex. We offer a Chinese hotel built in the Chinese style, then the Matamba hotel in the African style. But you can also choose to sleep in Native American tents.

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Amusement parks in Germany

In this pleasant amusement park, which is one of the largest (the area of ​​the park is more than 850,000 m2) and the best amusement parks in Germany, quality attractions will perfectly ensure children’s and adrenaline lovers, the biggest attraction of which is the fastest and largest European wooden mountain track Colossos!

Fulfill children with their dreams and desires. Enter a magical gateway into the world of entertainment – Heide-Park Soltau GmbH, a subsidiary of the British entertainment company Merlin Group, which is one of the largest operators of entertainment attractions worldwide and also one of the world’s leading providers of family entertainment.

Heide Park is divided into thematic sections from popular pirates to the Wild West, where you will find, among other things, popular waterways, rafting, various not only children’s shows and shows such as dolphins and there are also great stunts.

Not only the seekers of good family fun and adrenaline will enjoy themselves here, but also lovers of souvenirs, landscaped and beautiful green parks (the place where Heide Park is located, is a former reservation), and also good food. On the menu of local restaurants, you will find typical Bavarian specialties, fresh waffles with hot cherries, chicken kebabs, gyros, pizza, steak, fresh fruit and vegetable salads, small sweets such as gingerbread hearts, traditional sausages, burgers, but also Asian or Mexican specialties. and of course delicious beer, limo, and ice cream.

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Amusement parks in Germany

Tripsdrill is one of the most famous and interesting amusement parks in Germany. It was opened in 1929 by Eugen Fisher, who built a windmill and opened a restaurant there. Today, the park covers an area of ​​77 hectares and offers more than 100 unusual attractions.

The hottest news is riding in soapboxes. The park also offers various roller coasters, water attractions, a theater, a museum, and a playground. In the “wilderness paradise” section, visitors can try to feed wolves, bears, or lynx. Tripsdrill was the first amusement park to install so-called “teacups”. In addition, its Bathtube Flume Ride is the highest in Europe.

The Zoo was opened here in 1957, and in 1972 it was transformed into a nature park and a children’s zoo. Currently, over 1,000 animals live here.

Also of interest is the “Vinarium” wine museum, which contains the largest collection of wood-spindle presses in Germany.

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Amusement parks in Germany

The amusement paradise Bayern Park is a very pleasant place for families with children, where everyone is waiting for you in a grassy and wooded area of ​​400 thousand. square meters relaxed atmosphere and lots of fun at entertainment attractions mostly suitable for children from three to fourteen years.

Don’t worry, adults will also enjoy themselves here – Bayern Park offers as much fun as you can wish for in the heart of Bavaria. In addition to a wonderful treat, pleasant prices await you here.

The charm of Bayern Park also lies in the fact that as you wave a magic wand you will find yourself in nature among animals, in the Middle Ages, you will experience space travel or water adventures… The park offers its visitors more than 80 attractions from April to October. Adrenaline, events, and, most importantly, a lot of unusual adventures for small and older children, incl. teenagers.

If you want to experience an unbeatable experience, you should head to the roller coaster or you can try rafting – white water rafting, which is also a great way to cool off in the heat of a summer day!

Bayern Park also has plenty of opportunities for those of you who prefer quieter attractions. Your children are guaranteed to fall in love with various jumping, climbing frames, swings, and also a bouncy castle, swans on the water, or a piggy track – in piglets, children will ride along the plain through a beautiful flower garden, around a small pond and then back to the boarding house.

There is also a “toddler village” for the youngest visitors, full of colorful houses where children can cook, clean or repair and tinker. And when they stop having fun “working”, they can run around the garden and slide on their own slide! Entertainment is guaranteed for all ages in Bayern Park.

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Churpfalzpark is the most beautiful amusement park, surrounded by nature and millions of colorful flowers and fragrant flowers. In Churpfalzpark, your children will turn their dreams into reality and you will have a wonderful rest here.

The park is aimed mainly at families with smaller children from about 2 years of age, who will have a wonderful time here. There are many children’s entertainment attractions for the youngest and older children from 6 years, and adults will also enjoy themselves here.

In the Churpfalzpark, a huge entertainment area of ​​110,000 m2 awaits your whole family. You will experience a fun ride at many entertainment and exhibition attractions such as: Flying Dragon, Fantastic train passing through and around the park, High-speed rafting on a wild river, Classic chain carousel, Mirror Labyrinth, Autodrome/children’s Formula 1, and much more.

There is also a bistro, a restaurant with a garden, and stalls with ice cream, drinks, and various delicacies. The whole amusement park is conceived as a large garden with lots of resting places and flowers (about 1 million summer flowers) set in floral patterns and a rose garden with more than 10,000 roses of all colors.

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Amusement parks in Germany

There is nothing better for family fun with children than visiting the family-friendly Freizeit-Land Geiselwind theme park, which allows you and your children to spend a day full of unique experiences.

Even your youngest children can perfectly enjoy a wonderful day in this very nice amusement park by driving to almost all local attractions. Freizeit-Land Geiselwind is one of the largest amusement parks in Bavaria (400,000 m2).

You can enjoy a family ride with a little adrenaline at more than 50 attractions and explore the lost world or see under the cover of traditional craftsmanship or be enchanted by the skills of top artists from around the world, you can during wonderful shows.

It also includes the “Children’s World” with attractions for children aged 4-10.

Well, and if you are hungry after all these exciting adventures, there are master chefs in the local restaurants, where you can have lunch or dinner in one of the relaxed atmospheres, one of the Bavarian, French, or Italian specialties.

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HANSA PARK, Sierksdorf

Amusement parks in Germany

The modern Hansa Amusement Park is located directly on the Gulf of Lübeck on the beach on the Baltic Sea. In the summer months, you can combine a visit to the park with swimming in the sea or in this idyllic setting with an amusement park within easy reach, to spend a relaxing and cheerful holiday.

Hansa Park has been offering its small and large visitors a pleasant day full of fun and adventure, in a beautiful natural environment, since 1977. It covers an area of ​​46 hectares and is visited by about 1 million visitors every year.

You can look forward to unique water, relaxation, children’s and adrenaline attractions (roller coasters 7, water railways 8, carousels including 85 meters high carousel with breathtaking views of the open sea and surroundings, towers, swings including a large rocking bell …) and various live performances, 3D laser light show, 4D cinema, Rope Center, stunt performances or amazing performances with parrots, sea lions and penguins, from which the whole family will be enchanted.

All this is divided into eleven themed worlds that will take you to the country, for example, Excitement, Children, Adventure, Vikings, Mexico, Europe, the Old Fair, or the Water World full of water attractions (top attractions Super Splash).

Adrenaline fans will definitely not miss the crazy ride on the super track Nessie, the top track Der Schwur des Kärnan, which is a hit of Hansa Park, as well as other amazing attractions for the brave, which will allow you to experience unknown madness, such as the Fluch von Novgorod. (Cataplector), with which you fly high into the air at a speed of 100 km / h in just 1.4 seconds and down you will descend the steepest fall in the dark (a decrease of 97 degrees). Such a steep drop on any other runway around the world, you will not experience.

Finally, after a day full of fun and excitement, you can all relax in the HANSA-Garden, where you will find peace and quiet among the flowers and in the lush greenery.

In each themed world, you will find different attractions, fun, adventure, and excitement. There is also a themed snack – lunch or snack will be an experience for you, thanks to the attractive way of serving.

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