The islands of Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are simply the perfect essence of Spanish charm. But which is the best of the Canary Islands?

In the Canary Islands, you can look forward to great services, modern hotel resorts, long beaches, diverse landscapes, great cuisine, sunny days, and fooling around in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. In short, athletes will not come, for whom there are magnificent golf courses, bike paths of all levels of difficulty, water sports centers, hiking trails, and steep rock walls created for adrenaline lovers.

Tenerife: The green giant

Which is the best of the Canary Islands

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The largest of the islands is enchanted by the beautiful nature of national parks, UNESCO-listed monuments, the highest mountain in Spain, Pico de Teide, lively resorts where the fun never ends, and almost seventy kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches. Yes, Spain’s highest mountain is not in Europe, but on this island.

A visit to the famous zoo and botanical garden of the Loro Parque Zoo can be a pleasant addition to beach fun, where you can conjure a smile on the faces of small and previously born visitors with colorful parrots, dolphin watching, a venerable colony of penguins, and also killer whales. The island of eternal spring wishes golfers. They can hone their game skills on one of the nine modern golf courtes.

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Gran Canaria: Ideal for a family vacation

Which is the best of the Canary Islands

The most popular of the islands, Gran Canaria, stands out for its very lively atmosphere. The third largest of the islands is sought after by lovers of busy resorts, families with small children and passionate tourists. The north and west of the island are enchanted by steep cliffs and rugged landscape, the east and south coasts are attracted by large sand dunes and golden beaches with a gradual entry into the sea. In the perfectly photogenic landscape, deep gorges, pine forests, palm trees, cacti, sand dunes, romantic bays and picturesque villages alternate.

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Fuerteventura: A paradise for beach loungers

Which is the best of the Canary Islands

Fuerteventura boasts the most beautiful beaches in the Atlantic, romantic windmills and delicious fish specialties. Visitors can diversify the beach fun on the warmest of the islands by exploring the colorful underwater life, surfing or one of the many other water sports. A frequent destination for trips is the nearby island of Lobos, which captivates with its beautiful coastline, dramatic scenery inland and a number of wild reptiles, birds and mammals. With a little luck, you can watch flocks of frolicking dolphins or roundheads.

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Lanzarote: Rough beauty

Which is the best of the Canary Islands

The volcanic island of Lanzarote will captivate you with its pleasantly relaxed atmosphere, interesting architecture and excellent level of accommodation services. Luxury resorts alternate with the arid volcanic landscape, steep cliffs, caves and secluded beaches, where enthusiastic surfers await their wave of life. On more than nine dozen beaches, you can choose between white, golden or exotic-looking dark volcanic sand. The local cuisine is also diverse, in which rabbit and fish meat, fresh or stewed vegetables and, above all, great local wine play a prime.

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La Palma: Stars within reach

Which is the best of the Canary Islands

Unlike other islands, La Palma is covered with lush greenery. It is not a classic beach destination, visitors come here mainly for natural beauty, excellent cuisine, and a peaceful atmosphere. In addition to lush greenery and azure sea distances, La Palma offers one of the most breathtaking night sky views.

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La Gomera: A natural gem

Which is the best of the Canary Islands

La Gomera is a real gem of the Kingdom of Spain. The small island is exceptional for the beauty of national parks, foggy forests, mountain villages, where time has stood still, and dark volcanic beaches. From the Mirador de Abrante lookout tower, 625 meters above sea level, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Tenerife with its Pico de Teide peaks, dense tropical forests, and lava chimneys of the Garajonay National Park.

The calm pace of life of the locals is highly contagious and over a glass of fresh sugar cane juice will tell you with a smile the story of the famous Christopher Columbus. It was La Gomera that was the last stop on his ship, before the famous expedition, which ended with the discovery of a new continent.

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El Hierro: A charismatic dwarf

Which is the best of the Canary Islands

El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands, still untouched by mass tourism. It attracts by dramatic mountain scenery, unspoiled nature, a coastline with beautiful diving sites, excellent cuisine, and several sandy beaches. Thanks to the year-round sunshine, you are guaranteed to enjoy fresh figs, oranges, pineapples, bananas, grapes, and olives. A nice bonus is also the fact that all energy on the island is obtained from renewable sources.

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