Where to have fun with children in Slovakia? Kids love theme parks. And similar facilities are growing literally like mushrooms after the rain, and Slovakia is no exception. Each area has its own theme, size and focus. But which are the best, biggest and most popular? We bring you our selection of Top 5 amusement parks in Slovakia.


amusement parks in Slovakia
Source: https://www.dinopark.eu/en/kosice

For dinosaurs to the prehistoric world in a fun way. Faithful models of dinosaurs (static and robotic) situated in various scenes will entertain not only children. In addition, the park offers much more than just often moving dinosaur models. In the garden you will also find a paleolontology playground, a 3D cinema, children’s climbing frames and slides. If you get hungry or just want something good, Dino Grill and Dino ice cream are not missing.

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Donovalkovo – the children’s capital

amusement parks in Slovakia
Source: https://donovalkovo.sk/en/

Donovalkovo is an amazing colorful town in the village of Donovaly, where children can play adults, just as we played at their age. They can become a firefighter, a police officer, a doctor, a salesman, .. Little girls can have a cup of tea at Cinderella or Snow White. Boys can get a driver’s or car repair license and drive a car. A workshop is prepared for creatively gifted children. Face painting, a mini train or a mini zoo are just a beautiful bonus. Donovalkovo is a wonderful place where children become children again.

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amusement parks in Slovakia
Source: https://www.habakuky.eu/

Habakuky is a beautiful fairytale amusement park in the Slovak town of Donovaly. The whole area is styled into popular Slovak fairy tales. Fantasy and playfulness lurk here everywhere, whether it’s original fairytale architecture, interactive theater performances, or demonstrations of folk crafts. The program is always taken care of. In the relaxation area there are climbing frames, swings and a mini zoo.

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Zookontakt – family park

amusement parks in Slovakia
Source: http://www.zookontakt.sk/atrakcie

Tatrapolis is a complex close to the Aquapark Tatralandia in Liptovský Mikuláš, consisting of several sites. Here you will find a contact zoo with 800 species of animals, a park of miniatures, pirate minigolf or 34 entertainment attractions. The big advantage is that entertainment attractions are already included in the price of entry, the Tatrapolis train, the chain carousel, the autodrome or the mirror maze, which the child would not want to ride.

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Fairytale forest near Koliba Panorama

amusement parks in Slovakia
Source: https://panoramapark.sk/rozpravkovy-les/

The fairytale forest in the small village of Nezbudská Lúčka is mainly dedicated to younger children. There are a lot of characters that children know from fairy tales – 3 piglets, Red Riding Hood, a frog prince, 7 dwarfs, a dragon, fairies and princesses… Exactly as you remember from childhood! In addition to fairy-tale characters, you will also find live animals such as dogs, donkeys, cows and birds. In winter, the Fairytale Forest is thematically decorated and thus completes the Christmas atmosphere. In summer, a number of carousels and other fairground attractions are built on the site.

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