Corfu is one of the largest and most popular Greek islands. It welcomes many visitors every year, it is worth a visit. The breathtaking nature of Corfu and the abundance of activities will keep you busy throughout your holiday. Below find our tips on things to do in Corfu Greece with kids.

Airplanes overhead

Things to do in Corfu, Greece, with kids - airplane

Kids love big machines. They are carried away by them. And in Corfu, there will be a great opportunity to show them landing planes up close. Plan a trip and head to Kanoni. This viewpoint is located near the airport. There are some amazing patios where you can have a drink or an iced coffee and get a bird’s eye view of the runway. It is just a short runway surrounded by crystal-clear blue water on both sides.

In addition to watching the plane, from here you will have a beautiful view of the picturesque Mouse Island (Pontikonisi), where there is a monastery from the 12th century. It is one of the most photographed places in all of Corfu. You can find it on almost every postcard.

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Achillion Castle

Things to do in Corfu, Greece, with kids - Achilion

You may be familiar with the old romantic classic film trilogy Sissi about one of the most famous Austrian empresses, Elisabeth of Bavaria, the wife of Franz Joseph I of Habsburg. Castle Achillion appears in the film and rightly so. Elizabeth, known as Sissi, liked the island of Corfu so much that she had this summer house built here.

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The charming white castle is just less than 10 kilometers south of the capital city of Kerkyra and offers wonderful views of the east coast of the island. It is surrounded by breathtaking gardens, full of palm trees, flowers, statues, fountains, rest areas, and romantic corners. Many of the interiors are original and you will feel as if the tragically deceased empress has just left her rooms. There is currently a permanent museum commemorating the life of Empress Sissi, but it is undergoing renovations, so it’s worth checking out when it reopens.

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Boat trip to Paxos and Antipaxos

Things to do in Corfu, Greece, with kids - Paxos

Such a one-day boat trip is always an experience and not only for children. Several companies on the island organize such trips. Be sure to reserve your spot at one of them. They will show you the crystal clear surrounding waters of the island and take you to the neighboring islets of Paxos and Antipaxos. Ships can even sail into the sea cave. Finally, they anchor somewhere, let you swim, and at the same time prepare a delicious lunch for you right on board.

Children will enjoy the cruise, have fun in the clean sea waters, and are guaranteed to fall asleep quickly in the evening. Just remember to bring plenty of fluids and sunscreen on the boat.

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Aqualand in Agios Ioannis

In short, children adore water games. Therefore, a visit to Aqualand in Corfu is a safe bet. It is one of the largest water parks in all of Greece. There are all kinds of slides, pools, and attractions that children love so much. The town of Agios Ioannis is in the central part of Corfu, so it is easy to get there from practically any part of the island.

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Paleokastritsa Aquarium

On the western side of the island, in the town of Paleokastritsa, we find an aquarium where you can see many species of sea creatures that live in this area of the Ionian Sea. In addition to them, here you can try to hold a snake or pet an iguana. This place will especially appeal to children who are interested in nature and the world of animals. In Paleokastritsa, don’t forget to visit the monastery and the beautiful beach.

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Donkey rescue station in Doukades

Things to do in Corfu, Greece, with kids - donkeys

The rescue station for donkeys was founded on the initiative of a British woman who took care of an old donkey named Hope. Year after year, more donkeys were old, sick, or unable to work. Today, the donkey hospital in Doukades is a place known throughout Corfu. The animals are happy there and well cared for. Volunteers work there, guiding visitors around the facility, talking about the initiative, and above all, about the animals that live there.

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Old and new fortress in Kerkyra

Things to do in Corfu, Greece, with kids - fortness

Children are unstoppable creatures. And even if they don’t usually enjoy history, running around the walls of old buildings and looking for mysterious corners does. Therefore, do not hesitate to take them with you on a tour of the capital city to one of these historical buildings. They are symbols of the city and one of those things to do in Corfu, Greece, with kids.

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Casa Parlante Museum in the capital of Corfu

Things to do in Corfu, Greece, with kids - museum

This museum is an ideal place for children who are interested in history. It is located in one of the tenement houses of the old town, the interior of which is arranged as a house of the upper-class population from the 19th century. When you walk in, you feel like you are entering a real home. There are even mannequins inside that play the roles of the residents.

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