Even today, there are those among us who are still afraid of flying but still want to travel and see the world. So how to get over fear of flying?

Just thinking about a big transport colossus moving through the air at high speed makes your knees buckle, you can’t sleep, you feel sick, and you panic,… Do you recognize yourself? Have you considered taking sedatives or even getting drunk? Perhaps this would also help you, but you will definitely not get rid of the fear of flying and the stress that accompanies you before the trip.

And is it possible to get rid of the fear of flying forever? Yes, it is! Just read and try our advice and believe that you will start traveling by plane with peace of mind and less stress.

Travel with your kids!

How to get over Fear of Flying - Travel with your kids

It’s simple, cheap, natural, and proven! You can’t buy it in any supermarket, aliexpress, amazon, or any other gear best and the efficiency is 99.9%!

Seriously…it’s real 🙂 Traveling with kids on a plane has a different dimension. When you travel with a baby, you have a thousand other thoughts in your head. Both before and during the flight.

More important at that moment than fear and stress is that everything is packed for the baby. There will be good seats, the toddler can be strapped in, his ears won’t fit … and most importantly, the children must have fun on the plane so they don’t get bored and disturb other passengers.

There is so much to think about all at once that you don’t even register when the plane’s wheels touch the runway again. And the relief at the end, that the baby didn’t blink (or something worse), didn’t get angry but instead slept soundly throughout the flight.

The important thing is that you don’t have to take the child with you every time to get rid of the fear of flying. You only need to fly with it a few times and then try it again yourself and you will see that there will be no trace of fear.

Take something to read

On airplanes, newspapers and catalogs are not always immediately available or may not be of interest to you. That’s why it pays to take an interesting book or magazine with you. E-readers are also great.

Read especially during take-off and landing. Then you don’t think about all the noises, tilts, pressure changes, etc. It’s easier to get to the blissful moment when the pilot cancels the command to fasten the seat belts.

Headphones, preferably with music

In addition to focusing on the text, it is also worth taking care not to listen to sounds that could irritate or stress us. And I mean both the sounds of the plane and fellow passengers.

It is best to choose soft and/or cheerful music that will improve our mood. Of course, don’t play the music too loud so as not to disturb the passengers around you.

Candies, chewing gums, and water

Candies or chewing gums have two advantages. First of all, they help equalize the pressure in the ears, especially during take-offs and landings. Second, you are involved in something that additionally distracts you from sounds and situations that may be stressful for you.

It is also worth having a bottle of mineral water at hand at all times. Let’s avoid sweet carbonated drinks, which can intensify unpleasant feelings. There will be plenty of water and remember that the air in the plane is quite dry, so it is advisable to drink plenty of it.

Go to the toilet before boarding

How to get over Fear of Flying - toilet

Like it or not – try it. Go to the bathroom to empty your bladder just before boarding. Don’t want to wait impatiently until the machine is up and the seat belt sign is off later? It can often take half an hour or even an hour. Especially since using the toilet on an airplane is not the most pleasant experience…

Read the statistics

An airplane is definitely a safer means of transport than, for example, a car. The probability of a plane crash is much lower than a car accident. In fact, the odds of dying in an airplane are so slim that you’re actually more likely to be struck by lightning. But plane tragedies always attract attention, so they cause more fear than they should. If this is not enough for you, read other sources, especially statistics from recent years.

See an ENT specialist

How to get over Fear of Flying -visit doctor

Some people have a problem with the narrowing of the blood vessels in the nasal septum. And stuffy ears can also increase your discomfort during the flight, which later turns into stress and fear of flying.

If you often suffer from colds and ear infections, after consulting a specialist, you will find that this is also your case. The doctor can recommend special drugs that dilate the blood vessels in the nasal septum for a short time and this will relieve you of your problems. You will breathe better during the flight and your ears will not be blocked.

Dress comfortably

Clothing is important for both practical and health reasons. Especially for long flights, we should wear light and loose clothes so that nothing oppresses us because sitting for 8 hours or more is not the most pleasant situation.

You must also remember a warm sweatshirt or blanket. Airplanes tend to be cooler than we would like, so it pays to have something to cover you or even under your head (especially if you plan to sleep during the flight).

Have a good flight 🙂

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