Choosing the right place on a plane can be a bigger science than it might seem at first glance. See which seat on the plane is best for you, which places are considered the safest, and where no one wants to sit.

Is there a better seat by the window or in the alley?

Is there a better seat by the window or in the aisle? There is no simple answer to the most common question when choosing a place on a plane. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

best seat on the plane

Window seat

If you want to enjoy the view of the clouds or you like to take a nap during the flight and you need to rest your head on the wall of the plane, a seat by the window is a clear choice. But beware of places near the wings, which can significantly reduce your view. The biggest disadvantage of the seats at the window is the need to walk over the passenger in case you have forgotten something in the luggage stored in the space above the seats, you need a toilet or you just want to stretch.

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Seat in the alley

The alley will be especially appreciated by those of you who have long legs and need to stretch them during the flight. Another indisputable advantage of sitting in an alley is freedom of movement. The downside is that you have to let go of fellow passengers who want to bounce, and of course the fact that you lose the view from the window.

Middle seat

The middle seat is the least popular option. It combines the disadvantages of sitting by the window and in the aisle and has no advantages in itself. The only thing is that someone on your side is “warming” you.

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Prefer the front, the middle, or the back?

best seat on the plane

The front of the plane

The advantage of the seats in the front of the aircraft (in front of the engines) is lower noise, the fact that when you get off the aircraft you get out faster and also give you snacks sooner (most airlines serve food and drinks in front). Disadvantages include the fact that the front of the aircraft is usually the fullest and is also considered the most dangerous. However, there is nothing to fear, the plane is the safest means of transport and the probability of death is about 1 in 4.7 million, according to the Plane Crash Info server.

The middle part of the plane

You will appreciate the middle part of the plane if you feel sick on the plane. During turbulence, it “throws” the least in the middle of the plane.

The back of the plane

The back of the aircraft is considered the safest, which is confirmed by many studies and crash tests. In addition, the rear of the aircraft tends to be empty in the case of less busy flights, and there are usually not as many families with children sitting there, which are usually seated in the front. The disadvantage of the back of the aircraft, however, is higher noise and more cold.

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best seat on the plane

Emergency exit seats, which offer more legroom, are often considered the best seats on the plane. The same applies to the popular “bulkhead” seats in some aircraft, which are located behind physical barriers, such as walls, curtains, or screens separating different parts of the aircraft. The most popular are usually the seats in the first row.

The undeniable advantage of these places is, in addition to a lot of legroom, also the fact that you are not in danger of a reclining seat in front of you. On the contrary, the disadvantage is that with these seats, of course, it is not possible to store cabin luggage under the seat in front of you. Few people also know that these seats are narrower than the seats in other rows. This is due to the fact that they have solid armrests in which the table is located.

Beware, minors, pregnant women, the physically handicapped, the obese and people who cannot speak English should not sit at the escape exits. In the event of an emergency, it is assumed that people at escape routes will be able to help others.

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So what’s the best seat on the plane?

Safer – seats in the rear of the aircraft in the middle of the row.
More comfortable – places at emergency exits or so-called “bulkhead” seats.
More popular – seats in the first row.
Worse – middle seats, seats near toilets (queues form and odors may be present) and the last row of seats, which does not allow the seat to be folded down.

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Seat selection on an airplane map

Kopie navrhu best seat on the plane plan

Different types of aircraft have different numbers of seats, arrangements and spacings between seats. Specialized websites such as SeatGuru, which offer maps of different types of aircraft of some airlines, can help you choose the ideal place on the plane. Just enter the airline, date and flight number and you will see a mock-up of the aircraft with seats marked in colors according to how comfortable they are. Unfortunately, you usually won’t find charter flights here.

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How to secure a specific seat in an airplane?

Most airlines allow you to choose a seat on the plane for an additional fee after purchasing a ticket (or a trip at the travel agency) or during online check-in. You can try to apply for a specific seat on the plane at the check-in desk at the airport, but it is very likely that the seat will already be taken. If you arrive at the airport well in advance of your departure, you have a better chance of a specific seat and of sitting with your loved ones.
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