Come and have fun at one of the first and largest European amusement parks for families with kids and lovers of exciting adventure and the fifth most visited amusement park in the world – Gardaland theme park.

Gardaland is located on the southwest coast of the largest Italian lake, Lago di Garda, and not far from the beautiful ancient city of Verona, where Romeo and Juliet lived out their tragic love story.

What awaits you in Gardaland?

In the Gardaland theme park with an area of more than 700,000 m2, wonderful experiences await you from rides on 37 special attractions for children and adults. In addition to the attractions, here you will also find 18 original shops, 5 themed restaurants, 23 places to relax, a pharmacy, bars, a supermarket… All in a fairy-tale design. In addition to all this, every year there are new opportunities to experience a fun day or several days that none of you will forget.

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The park is divided into several thematic parts:


This is the most extensive category. You will find up to 22 attractions there. And most importantly – almost all attractions in this category can be used by children from 100 cm (ie 3-4 years old). Some of the attractions can also be used by smaller children.

This category includes the entire Peppa Pig Land, three different trains, all the merry-go-rounds, a water and color playground, an observation deck, a tractor ride and even a roller coaster for kids.

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In Adventure you can taste the adventure. Here, the attractions are intended for slightly older children – from about 6-7 years old. Here you will find a 4D cinema, rafting in a tree trunk, riding on a pontoon and two roller coasters, which already provide a lot of experiences.

gardaland theme park

The most interesting attraction of this part is probably the Corsari (pirates) – water underground attraction. The interesting thing is that this attraction is fully automated and controlled by computer without a single human intervention. Apart from the visitors, there is no other person underground. This attraction belongs to the so-called Dark Ride. Boats in the underground go through pirate scenes here.

In 2022, the world’s first Jumaji themed ride was added.


This is complete madness. It is packed with adrenaline-pumping attractions that will make your knees buckle, your head spin, and your head high from the beginning to the end of the ride. Here you will experience fantastic adventures, magic and surprises, horrors and frights.

The most popular attractions include: Blue Tornado – A roller coaster reaching speeds of up to 80 km/h. Compared to regular tracks, the tracks are on top (passengers do not sit in the trolley, but hang in the seat). The length of the track is 765 m and the height is about 33 m.

LEGOLAND water park

This new part is located in the Gardaland theme park. You can visit this aquapqrk every year in the warm summer months. Entry is only conditional upon the purchase of a combined ticket.

Among the various attractions available are the LEGO River Adventure, a watercourse that crosses the water park to float down the current on board customizable inflatable boats with large floating LEGO bricks that go through the Beach Party with 7 slides and a large bucket that surprisingly pours on the children waterfall of water Adventure in the jungle, with slides suitable for the whole family on colorful rubber boats. The fun also shines in areas dedicated to creativity and discovery, such as LEGO Creation Island, where you can build your own ship from LEGO bricks, decorate a large sandcastle or use large soft blocks to build giant walls.

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Additional equipment Gardaland theme park

There is a four-star hotel reminiscent of a fairy-tale world in the area. Several restaurants, pizzerias, fast foods and bars are available for refreshments. You will also find a supermarket, hairdresser and pharmacy here.

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