Is the date of your vacation fast approaching? Then it’s high time to equip the first aid kit for travel! Especially if you are traveling with kids, it is ideal to be prepared even for less pleasant moments.

Parents of small children may be watching their children with a keen eye as the departure date approaches, and every cough, suspicious pimple or neck-breaking fall causes them to faint. You attribute the stomach ache on the day of departure to travel fever and discreetly slip a packet of digestive medicine into your suitcase. Beloved offspring turn into ticking time bombs before your eyes, the explosion of which can threaten your sun-drenched vacation…

first aid kit for travel

Many unpleasant health problems on vacation can be prevented even before it begins. Intestinal problems can be prevented by preventive use of probiotics. You can prevent painful sunburns by taking beta carotene tablets. Immunity will be boosted by vitamin C, strengthening and a varied diet. Pesky mosquitoes will avoid you if you swallow vitamin B or brewer’s yeast, which does not smell to difficult insects. If you are traveling to exotic countries, then do not forget to find out the mandatory and recommended vaccinations well in advance. And, of course, stock up on the necessary preparations from the pharmacy.

Which medications should not be missing in any first aid kit for travel?

Medicines you take regularly

A relaxing holiday could get seriously damaged if you forgot your medicines for chronic conditions at home. Don’t forget to put them at the top of your travel bucket list.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory agents

Airplane air conditioning is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, and a body weakened by the stress of travel can easily succumb to them. You will win over them with an overview if you pack proven preparations that reduce temperature and inflammation. It also provides excellent relief from headaches or toothaches. Don’t forget the thermometer either.

first aid kit for travel

Anti-diarrhea medications

The wide range of delicacies in the hotel restaurant often tempts us to excessive consumption, which can result in unpleasant intestinal problems. If you are going to more exotic destinations, then it is recommended to buy medicines for an intestinal infection on the spot.

Ear and eye drops

Dry air on the plane, sudden changes in pressure and the harsh sun are not good for our eyes and ears. Properly selected drops can easily deal with inflammation and irritation.

Alleviation of coughs, sore throats, colds and colds

Humid sea air has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, so it is enough to pack cough suppressants while you sleep. Tried lozenges for a sore throat and cold drops will help you beat a cold, often caused by improperly set air conditioning.

Gel or foam for burns

Nose burnt red and peeling skin on shoulders. Such can also be the consequences of a pleasant moment spent in the hot sun without using sunscreen. A cooling gel containing panthenol will help relieve pain.

First aid in the event of an accident

Adhesive bandage, bandage, disinfectant and healing ointment are a proven security in the event of an accident. Stones, shells, sharp edges of furniture or even an ordinary concrete floor are enemies of little ones.

first aid kit for travel

Additional necessities

Small scissors, cotton swabs, ear sticks, an empty syringe, face masks, tweezers, gloves or even ear plugs, these are other little things that can come in handy.

Preprared first aid kits for travel

If you want to be sure that your first aid kit will be fully equipped, choose an already completed one. There are many on the market. Just don’t forget to fill it up with the most necessary medicines that are suitable for children. And nothing will surprise you on your travel with kids.

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