The European continent might seem a bit old school and boring to some. But the opposite is true. We show you the coolest places in Europe for families that you must visit.

Amusement Park Les Machines de I’ile (France)

Les Machines de I’ile

Not all theme parks are necessarily about roller coasters and merry-go-rounds. This is also confirmed by the very unconventional and original amusement park Les Machines de I’ile, which does not attract classic amusement attractions, but giant mechanical animals whose dimensions and appearance seem rather bizarre.

The idea of an unusual amusement park with mechanical machines combined the most famous thing that the city in which the park is located had. The writer Jules Verne and the crumbling shipyard. If you come here and have read any of Verne’s books, then you will very easily associate your ideas with the machines that are here. You will be able to ride on a gigantic elephant or spider, stroke a giant Chinese dragon or ride on an animal carousel in a rather non-standard design. Instead of a cute horse, you climb into the mouth of an ugly toothy fish.

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Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)


Neuschwanstein Castle is located in the south of Germany in Bavaria in the town of Hohenschwangau. The castle is said to have been created as the brainchild of a deranged king and now it takes the breath away of millions of tourists. The castle is dominant mainly because it is the materialization of all fairy tales and romantic dreams that everyone can imagine.

At each castle and chateau, everyone imagines what could happen there or what happened there in ancient times. Some castles hide dark places and events, such as the mysterious Dracula, and others, at first glance, radiate a kitschy, tender, and romantic look, and Neuschwanstein Castle offers such a look.

The fairy-tale silhouette of the castle, which is crowned by a crown of towers, is notorious and served mainly as a model for Walt Disney for one of his most famous fairy tales, Sleeping Beauty Castle (also Snow White and Cinderella), or Sleeping Beauty Castle, which is the dominant and logo of all fairy tales from Walt’s workshop Disney.

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Tropical Islands (Germany)

tropical islands germany

Because water, holidays, and children go well together, we have one more bathing tip for you. Head to the tropical islands’ water paradise near Berlin. And it doesn’t really matter when you come here, even before Christmas, it will still be warm here (constant temperature of 26 °C). It’s tropically stuffy!

Water, palm trees, and sand in the middle of Germany, and even in the middle of winter, may seem crazy, but it’s just a fact. And what is the best? You can also stay overnight. You can simply spend the night in one of the tropical beach huts.

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Harry Potter Studio (UK)

harry potter studio

Were you enchanted by the stories of Harry Potter’s sorcerer’s apprentice? If you want to see where the world-famous stories from the pen of JK Rowling were filmed, you must make time for a little trip to the outskirts of the city when visiting London. This is where the largest Warner Bros Harry Potter studio is located. It was in these film studios that the entire story was shot. The theme studio, dedicated to the series about the wizarding world, was created in the former area of ​​a military airport and for ten years helped all creators, filmmakers, directors, actors, and all the crew to create a mysterious story of magic.

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Santa Claus Village (Finland)

santa clause holiday village

If you’re a fan of the bearded grandfather with a red cap (Santy Claus) and you’ve ever googled where to find him, all sources have surely pointed you to the Finnish town of Rovaniemi. But how did it actually happen? It’s still a bit of a mystery to this day. Anyway, today this town is considered the official home of Santa Claus. You will find countless elves and other characters or, for example, beautiful reindeer sleds that will gladly take you for a ride through the snowy landscape. Believe that it will be a wonderful experience not only for children!

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Popeye Village (Malta)

popeye village

This “village” didn’t actually exist until Disney Productions decided to use the site near Mellieha on the island of Malta as a filming location for the musical Popeye. The construction of the so-called Popeye Village, originally named Sweethaven, was influenced by the comic book work of E.C. Segara is the place where Popeye returns in the film to find his father. Today, the village is a popular family theme park where you can meet Popeye, Olivia, and Bluto, take a boat ride on the bay, or see different shows held every day of the week.

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Sintra (Portugal)


Not far from Lisbon lies the city of Sintra, which is full of historic palaces and important buildings. The most beautiful is the Pena Palace, which stands on an elevated peak. There are beautiful views of the palace and from the palace. The palace was built by the king of Portugal and the Czech architect Václav Cífka participated in its construction. The Pena Royal Palace stands out with its rich colors and is one of the most important romantic buildings of the 19th century. So no boring castle, but practically a giant colorful climbing frame for children and adults.

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Gardens in Bomarzo (Italy)


A unique garden with statues with mythological symbolism was created in the natural terrain by the eccentric Count Orsini in memory of his deceased wife. Forgotten for centuries, the garden, rediscovered only in the 20th century, is asymmetrically arranged. It is actually the first amusement park in the world. It is full of strange monsters, mythical creatures, there is also a haunted house. Children are thrilled to visit it, even though there are no adrenaline attractions – or maybe that’s why.

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Hellbrunn Castle and its “Water Games” (Austria)

Hellbrunn Castle and its Water Games

Few people leave this castle dry. Hellbrunn, near Salzburg, Austria, attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year who want to experience first-hand the intricacies of water fountains and water jets, ingeniously built throughout the adjacent castle park.

Everything, why people mainly go here but hide the adjacent park. The church fathers had a great sense of humor and for the entertainment of the guests, but above all their own, they had many fountains and water jets built, cleverly hidden in such a way as to make the visitor feel good. And they are functional today. During the tour, you can never be sure from which corner or statue a stream of water will suddenly shoot out at you. You won’t experience such a cheerful tour just anywhere. This is a world unique.

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