Are you a passionate traveler, and only your experiences have recently been replaced by maternal ones? Don’t worry, breastfeeding while traveling is perfectly normal and natural!

There is no need to limit yourself, you just need to get on the road so that breastfeeding does not stress you. You may be surprised at how easily your baby can travel by plane. And you can start writing a new chapter in your travel diary, here called Family Vacation. We have some proven tips for you, thanks to which you can playfully manage the feeding of your baby during the first holiday together.

Carefully select your destination

Breastfeeding while traveling

Keep exotic destinations and distant destinations with a few transfers in reserve for the time when your child will be a few years older. The first flight should not take more than 3 hours. Try to seize your branch during check-in and boarding, so that the sound of the engines lulls him and the breast milk serves as a prelude to a peaceful sleep. Remember that breastfeeding is natural and allowed in public. However, be considerate of the mentality of the nation you are traveling to. Find out in advance the restrictions that may apply to dressing, detection, and therefore breastfeeding. Take advantage of the airport lounges, where you will have more peace and privacy.

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Dress smart

Breastfeeding while traveling

While you may be proud of your lush curves, which you may be enjoying for the first time in your life through motherhood, know that there may be people around you who don’t like it. Everything is made easier by a bra, specially adapted for easy breastfeeding. In addition, if you wear a blouse and a sweater for buttons or special clothes for breastfeeding mothers, you will not have to roll up your clothes. A great tip is to pack a big scarf for the trip, with which you can separate yourself and the child from the world around you. Slightly draped will give you undisturbed moments, important for your baby.

Follow your drinking regimen

Staying in air-conditioned airport halls and planes costs the body a lot of energy. Fight dehydration and fatigue by drinking spring water without bubbles. It will also greatly support the production of breast milk. If possible, sometimes walk with the baby.

Sit forward

Breastfeeding while traveling

In the plane, choose the leading seat with the baby and ideally a seat in the aisle. The right place will make it easier for you to travel to the toilet, change your clothes and get off the plane. Traveling is sometimes challenging for adults, so don’t take it personally if you come across people in a bad mood. There is always someone with inappropriate comments on behalf of a breastfeeding mother or a crying baby. Take a look around and try to find one person from whose point of view you will feel understanding. Draw on this positive energy whenever needed.

Keep calm

vacation with baby

Remember that breastfeeding brings a baby not only food but also peace. Remind yourself that whether you are holding a baby in your arms or lying in a pram, it is very strongly connected with you. Think and act optimistically and with love. Then you will have enough breast milk for your baby and you will be able to spend relaxing moments together while traveling.

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