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In February 2008 our family arranged an exchange with a family in Amsterdam. There family of four lives in a floating home on a canal in the North of Amsterdam, Netherlands. They are willing to share their wonderful home on earth with us in exchange for our beautiful home on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. House Exchanges are a fun affordable way to see the world with your children without being crammed into a tiny hotel room or paying a fortune. They are not for everyone as you must have a certain degree of trust and be willing to share your home and knowledge of your area in order to make it a meaningful experiece. We have done a few exchanges now and are very excited about the latest experience. Follow our blog and see if home exchanging might be for you.

COUNTDOWN-July 15-the pros and cons of house exchanges Part 1


WEEK ONE-July 18- the fun has begun

WEEK TWO-July 25th van Gogh, Artis Zoo and more

WEEK THREE- August 1- Anne Frank House, Haarlem, Gronigen, Muindersloot and more of course