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TRIP BLIP:COSTA RICA WEEK 3 sunset at Manuel Antonio

February 25th- We are back in San Jose. Sigh! More then one of us was a tiny bit teary as we packed up to leave La Posada and Manuel Antonio this morning. We will leave it to the pictures to tell the story. Our home in Manuel Antonio where the owner and staff took such good care of us that we feel like we have a whole family in Costa Rica.

La Posada Jungle Bungalows

Below is the street that leads up to La Posada. This is pretty typical for the area. The street has no name that anyone knows of its just "the street where you pass turn at the Marlin Restaurant and pass the Farmacia". Often the hydro or cable lines would just fall down so you have to be careful. The howler monkeys live up high in the hills on the right side.

a street in Manuel Antonio

We didn't buy much here as there is not much to buy. But we did get a hammock. One of the boys was always in the Hammock outside our room, aptly named the Monkey Room.

Monkey Room at La Posada

Gabe loved to hang out across the street at the little family restaurant. They had children his age.

Gabe loved the kids across the way at the little family soda

It was hard to say good bye to Mike...luckily he drove us to the airport.

Mike at La Posada

The airport and airstrip....and airplane were like nothing you would see in North America. Fantastic views back to San Jose though.

Quepos Airport quepos airstrip

sansa airplane viewsansa airplane view


We have chosen to spend our last day at the Volcan Poas, the La Paz Waterfall Gardens and maybe in Sarchi to look at crafts if we have time.

We have a loooooooooooooooooooong day coming home on Wednesday. See you all soon.

Buenos Noches, Sander, Jonah and the other three.


Day 15 I think, February 21,2008

Update for today...well we were going to be lazy today and then on the spur of the moment we grabbed a cab and went up to El Avion which is a restaurant built around an old army transport plane. The boys loved the plane, the food and the view were fantastic. Then we went to one of the private reserves across the road from Si Como No resort. The guide was so informative we got to see amazing caterpillars, butterflies and more. We saw the casing for some of the frog eggs and one of the beautiful famous Costa Rican frogs that the boys and John got to hold.

They were so thrilled. It really made our day!! Lots of great pictures and information to bring back to Canada. Now we are going to settle in for the communal dinner here at La Posada and a movie. Jonathon, the manager and jack of all trades is making extra mashed potatoes for the boys. Pappas pure. That will make them happy to. I plan to hike up and post this tomorrow morning...That may be my last from Manuel Antonio for me and the crew. We will probably update again from San Jose as the Hampton in has access in the lobby.


Sandro, Juan, Lisa, Jonah y Gabriel.

Happy birthday to Luke at home!! Gabe can't wait to see you!! A lazy day here in Manuel Antonio. Yesterday afternoon the sky opened and it absolutely poured rain for a few hours. The gutters were running with water, drains overflowed and the power was out off and on. The morning was so beautiful it was a suprising change. We went out to Dos Locos, a mexican restaurant here in the town of Quepos. A band plays oldies while we dance around and drink margaritas. We went with some of the gang here from La Posada. It was lots of fun. I think Liz embarassed the kids by making them dance with her. We think we will catch the bus today up to the butterfly and reptile garden and check that out. Sander still wants to check out the vending stalls down at the beach and look for a hammock. We are sort of winding down here. I am looking forward to going up to the Poas volcano area on Tuesday though. We are dreading the long trip home. I thought to see on Monday whether we could shorten our layover in Los Angeles, but with five of us travelling that might be nearly impossible.



Gabe and bug shell
cicada carapace

Wednesday February 20th, 2008

Well even though the information is from Week 2, I felt compelled to enter this in week 3 as we are heading home in just seven more days. How did that happen? After our last posting we spent our day at the beach. Gabe and Jonah were very happy that morning as I found candy at the hotel where I post and they hadn't had any in ages. Other then gum, candy is not very big in Costa Rica. They do drink soda, eat ice cream and chew gum but just pure candy is not that common. We have really enjoyed the food here. It tends to be quite basic but fresh and tasty. We carried on to spend the morning at the beach boogey boarding and playing. The riptides here are very strong and Sander and John got briefly caught in one and the same one caught a couple of girls that had to be rescued. Got to be careful. I also got my first sunburn. Despite my tan after two weeks here I burnt the upper part of my chest and shoulders. Thank goodness for aloe vera. We have fallen into a very comfortable pattern here. Mike and the staff at our hotel run it much like a hostel and we have become very much at home, wandering through and using the kitchen, gathering with other guests to watch movies, share a meal play cards. Mike and Jonathon keep on top of the local happenings and cart everyone off to music and dinner events in the area.

Vanilla farm boys
At Vanilla Spice Farm Costa Rica

Today we went to a local spice farm. They are growing organic crops in a sustainable manner. The older boys and John and I learned a lot. We got to sample many of the spices and try a hand at pollinating the vanilla plants. We purchased some black pepper, vanilla and coffee beans to bring home. The last two days we have had some hard rain but it really doesn't clear the air like at home. The humidity here is intense all the time. You can't really dry anything outside exept in the direct sunlight. Sander took some more surfing lessons today and is booked for more tomorrow. I think a trip to Tofino is going to be in our near future for him. He loves the water and is almost pure blonde again. Dude!!!

In general news, our Spanish is really improving. A lot of language is very local and so we have had to adjust what we learned at home. In Costa Rica if you are feeling good you say Pura Vida instead of muy bien. People sometimes say Hola in greating but mostly just 'buenas". Elvis ("Ailbess") who works here, does not speak that much English so we are trading pronunciation and language tips!!

Picture of Jonah by Gabe
vanilla spice farm picture

We have no big plans left for Manuel Antonio, more surfing, beach and eating over the next five days. I would like to see the howler monkeys but they are harder to get to and don't particularly like people. We hear them most days in the hills behind our home here. Who knows.....

With our lack of technology here we are behind on most news so hope that everyone is well at home. We will be back before we know it. Take care everyone.

from the gang in Costa Rica