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February 17, 2008,

mangrove tourwhite faced monkeys


Como estas?

We are great but really loosing track of time here in Costa Rica. The days and nights are at a leisurley pace with lots of food, drink, socializing and sights to see. Just when you think you couldn't take any more pictures of monkeys, another group comes along with totally different personalities and we find ourselves snapping away again. Tomorrow marks one week her in Manuel Antonio and more then half of our trip gone! Unbelievable! Yesterday we went to Playa Biesanz a little further back up the road and then a bumpy taxi ride down to the beach. It was spectacular. Calm protected waters where we could all swim and bob in the surf, listening to the howler monkeys. We also snorkelled and swam seeing over 30 varieties of fish. A hot walk back up to the nearest hotel to get a cab back though. The day before we paid to go into the National Park. There we saw sloth, lots of white faced monkeys, some titis, toucans, crabs and many butterflies and interesting species of trees. John walked further then the rest of us. He headed up towards the far point but it was over 30 Celsius with incredible humidity so the kids and I floated around the pool for the afternoon. Today we booked a boat tour in the Mangrove swamp with Iguana Tours. It was very informative in general. We learned more about the history of this area. About the fungus that attacked and killed the bananas and the way they grow the african palms. black boa

It is believed that when they are done with the palms they inject them with anthrax to kill them in a couple of days. Thats just a tiny bit scary!!. On the boat tour we saw amazing birds, including the tiger backed heron which was so camouflaged we would loose sight of it even though it was right in front of us. We also saw a beautiful black boa, golden orb spiders, an anteater(small and orange which was a suprise), and more of the white faced monkeys. We also learned that there are no spider monkeys in this area anymore as a outbreak of yellow fever here many years ago killed off the local population. On my checklist of animals that I hope to see here, all that is left is the howler monkeys. We can hear them almost everyday in the jungle surrounding our hotel but we have yet to catch sight of them. I am still hoping. All our best to everyone at home. We hope you are not too cold there!!

P.S. The updater from Fodders has been here the last few days. We think we should charge him for our reviews of places.


Hasta la vista!

the Victoria gang on location in Costa Rica

monkey bridgemono titisurfer John

February 16, 2008, Day 10?(I am not sure anymore)

Well another great day yesterday. I did find the better internet connection so a hike up the hill every few days will keep us in touch with everyone at home. Sander say...

"Yesterday the mono titi's (monkeys) came back. They were hilarious...very funny. The running around and wrestling that they did was really great. We went to the monkey bridge place which was really cool. I took some cages with Jonah into the rehab centre which was kind of neat because the general public isn't allowed in there. There was some raccoons, a white faced monkey and a possum. We met Jennifer (Janine's mother) and Chip. They took us to the home base for the Kids Saving the Rainforest. We showed Jennifer and some volunteers from Norway how to make the monkey craft. They are going to add it to the activities they do at the camp. We also got to visit the 5 acre preserve and get a picture under one of the monkey bridges. The monkey bridge that the school sponsored has just been put up in an area where the monkeys have been getting electrocuted. I also got to go surfing and boogie boarding. I had a lesson the day before and he loaned me the board. My mom learned a lesson..never drop a surf board on a toe" She is all black and blue...

Today we are going to go into the National Park. It should be really fun. We are going to look at snorkeling a bit there as the beaches are more protected. "

So that about catches you up everyone. It really is the good life here! Pura Vida!

Sander, Liz, Jonah, John and the Gabe



hammock in cost rica


February 14, 2008 Happy Valentines Day Everybody

Valentines Day doesn't seem to be anything here so we will have to have our Hallmark celebration when we get home. Can't believe that we have already been gone over a week. Less then two weeks to go and only another 10 days here at the beach. Yesterday Sander got out surfing for the first time here. It is a great beach for a learning surfer. Much easier then in Hawaii because there is no coral to contend with, the waves are a pretty consistent height, there is harldy anyone out there and the waves are close to shore so you don't have to swim out so far. Sander's teacher, Alex, has him on a short board for the first time and he is doing well. He loaned us a board for today so Sander is going to get out on that. Life is good here and VERY different from home. There are constant roving power outages during the day, and long waits for many things. Everyone is very kind though and so long as you can be patient it all works out. We are marvelling at how the boys are growing and maturing while we are here. We are doing homework everyday and they are also really working on there spanish language skills and I think our getting a ton of social studies and science.

I hope to upload this today as my limited inquiries for a provideer de Internet muy rapida have indicated a 20 minute hike up the hill to Costa Verde will allow me a link for a few thousand colones. This afternoon, Jennifer Rice, from Kids Saving the Rainforest, is going to pick us up to go to the rehab centre and there gift and information store outside of town. I will get the boys to post about it in a few more days. I hope the kids at school are able to read the blog.

Hasta La Vista Everybody!!